Affiliate Lab Review

The Affiliate Lab Review: Things You Must Know About Matt Diggity’s Course

Are you overwhelmed by the daily grind of your business which drains your energy and isn’t paying you enough? You may want to begin a full-time online career but don’t know what course to take. You might have heard of Matt Diggity’s Course, but you may also wonder if it is merely a scam. Our “The Affiliate Lab Review” will help you learn much about it.

Affiliate Lab Review

The Affiliate Lab Review: 

If you’re into earning money online with affiliate marketing or your stake is blogging, you’re likely regarding Affiliate Lab as something to assist you in getting that hang of the trade. But it gets quite tricky often as many online experts swear to assist you in initiating a successful online business. But unfortunately, the majority of them are scams.

The Affiliate Lab Review

If you are facing problems making your online store worthwhile, then you are welcomed to my Affiliate Lab Review, where you will get guidance regarding joining the Affiliate Lab course. You might be curious if  Affiliate Lab is worth your money. You will be taken through the inside story of Who is Matt Diggity and is Affiliate Lab a scam?

In this, The Affiliate Lab Review, I will take you through an in-depth understanding of some particulars about Affiliate Lab and key takeaways that might aid you if you are stumbling with creating your online business prosperous. 

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What is The Affiliate Lab, and Who is Matt Diggity?

In 2017, expert SEO marketer Matt Diggity launched The Affiliate Lab, an affiliate marketing course. Nobody else in the SEO sector compares to Matt and his crew for skill level. Today, Matt is known as a leader in the SEO sector and a successful affiliate marketer. 

He has established several companies in the SEO sector. Diggity Marketing is one of his most well-known companies, where he blogs about his tried-and-true SEO methods.

In addition, he founded The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, LeadSpring LLC, The Affiliate Lab course, the Chiang Mai SEO Conference, and The Search Initiative.

The Affiliate Lab training provides the principles of SEO, practical suggestions, and cutting-edge tactics that can aid you in outperforming rivals. Numerous instructional videos on affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, and related subjects are included in this course. 

The Affiliate Lab Review

It will take some time to complete this course because there are more than 12 hours of content. After purchasing the course, you will receive six pre-made templates and an offsite and onsite checklist. In addition, you will have access to the Affiliate Lab Facebook community. 

The subjects of niche selection, keyword research, and creating engaging content that does more than just rank will be discussed. In addition, your experience level doesn’t matter here. You will learn how to build a website and optimize its pages.

Anchor text expertise, citations for affiliate websites, and backlinking are different subjects that are covered here. You will also discover how to structure content, use keywords, flip a page, and enhance the conversion rate.

Check out this video, “The Affiliate Lab By Matt Diggity”:

What is the Affiliate Lab Course for?

The Affiliate Lab is a comprehensive course suitable for new and experienced affiliate marketers. This professional course teaches people of all skill levels how to build profitable affiliate websites.

The Affiliate Lab Review

You can enroll in this training program to become an affiliate marketer or SEO specialist. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an experienced online Marketer, or a regular entrepreneur interested in learning everything; there is something to know from everyone. 

You can learn about creating websites, optimizing them for search engines, and reselling them for extra income.

What is the structure of the Affiliate Lab Course?

More than 24 hours of training are available in the Affiliate Lab. You will discover that almost every lesson is in video format with a brief text summary. The two foremost trainers are Matt Diggity and Jay Yap.

When you join The Affiliate Lab, you will also gain access to the exclusive community, which includes a private Facebook group with over 2700 members.

The Affiliate Lab Review: facebook

This course aims to teach you how to replace your 9-5 job with a passive income by creating websites and using them to generate money through affiliate links. Furthermore, Affiliate Lab is one of the few courses that teach you how to reach out for links and get links through a guest post service such as Authority.

You’re probably wondering if Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab course teaches you how to build niche or authority sites. Both are covered in the system. The Affiliate Lab’s first set of modules teaches the fundamentals and includes over-the-shoulder examples of niche sites. 

Matt believes these sites are more accessible to succeed as a beginner. Even if you’re intermediate or advanced in SEO, you can benefit from some of the information in the first set of modules. The Authority Site Module teaches you how to create an authority site and more in the world of affiliate marketing. 

Reasons to Think About Project 24 Course: 

The Affiliate Lab Review: Reasons to Think About Project 24 Course: 


Matt’s course teaches what is effective. New lessons are tested before they are added to the curriculum.

Reasonable Cost

The course is a little pricey, but for a good reason. You will not find these kinds of strategies anywhere else.

Comparatively Easy

Affiliate Lab is an A-Z course with a supportive online community, PDFs, and downloadable spreadsheets. The course is user-friendly, making it appropriate for novice and experienced students. 

Affiliate Lab walks you through the process step by step, making learning how to make money online simple.


Members can ask questions in the private Facebook group or send an email to support. A suitable module for niche selection is also available.

An active community

Affiliate Lab’s active community provides a fantastic platform for inspiration and advice. The community is an excellent place to learn from other online business owners, collaborate to overcome various obstacles, and help one another thrive.

This course includes a lesson called “Why We Don’t Use Amazon” (Amazon’s affiliate program drastically reduced its commission percentage in 2020) and encourages you to find private affiliate programs for your niche site.

What is the cost of The Affiliate Lab Course?

The Affiliate Lab program costs $997. You can pay $597 in two installments ($1,194 total) if you prefer.

The Affiliate Lab Review: cost

When you enroll yourself for this course, you’ll get instant access to:

  • Affiliate Lab Training
  • The Beginner’s Laboratory
  • A Private Facebook Group for Members Only

You will also access “mini” courses on conversion rate optimization, website flipping, outreach, email marketing, and other topics. We will concentrate on the Affiliate Lab course for this review because it is the main selling point (although the additional classes are a nice bonus).

Affiliate Lab Discount and Refund Policy 

The Affiliate Lab Review: Affiliate Lab Discount and Refund Policy 

Affiliate Lab offers a discount that can help you save money. The Affiliate Lab, on the other hand, does not provide refunds. Like many course owners, Matt has decided that “all sales are final.” And probably for a good reason.

Course owners who offer refunds these days must contend with people who pirate their lessons and then request a refund a few days later. They just destroy the experience for the more ethical purchasers.

Final Verdict – The Affiliate Lab Review:

The Affiliate Lab Review: Final Verdict

From what we have seen and observed, most people who purchase this course are satisfied with their purchase. It is a good investment if you’re serious about starting an affiliate marketing business. Remember that such training usually requires a significant amount of time and effort.

For the reasons stated above, Matt’s course is one of the few that delves into the nitty-gritty details of on-page and off-page SEO. Matt Diggity Offers an Outstanding Offsite SEO Link Building Spreadsheet! The off-page SEO lessons have greatly aided people in reverse engineering competitors and provided them with a framework to follow when they decide to go after a target keyword.

Someone just starting in SEO and wanting to make money outside of their 9-5 job is unlikely to have the time to do white-hat outreach to obtain links for their sites. Instead, they will use a service to get links (links are an important ranking factor today).

Affiliate Lab is not a rip-off. Their course does provide some benefits. If you purchase their courses, you will undoubtedly learn how to do affiliate marketing. For these reasons, I recommend you sign up for The Affiliate Lab immediately in my Affiliate Lab Review.

Matt Diggity is a true believer in what he preaches and has created an excellent training course on building profitable affiliate websites. Visit Eve Pacific Media to learn more. We will answer all of your questions. Have a great day ahead!

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