Ambit Energy MLM Review: Money maker or Money Pit?

Ambit Energy MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Everyone is looking for an opportunity to earn and save some bucks from monthly living costs. Wouldn’t it be an extraordinary opportunity if you could make and save money simultaneously? As an Ambient Energy representative, you can do that. Check our Ambit Energy MLM Review to determine whether it’s worth joining.

Ambient Energy is the leading MLM retail gas and electricity provider. Today we’re going to explore it deeply, its business model, and its earning opportunity.

Ambit Energy MLM Review: Money maker or Money Pit?

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What is Ambit Energy MLM?

Jere Thompson Jr. and Chris Chambless started Ambit Energy in 2006 with the motto “never sacrifice integrity for growth.” Its headquarter is in Dallas, Texas. The company operates in different US states and has expanded to Canada and Japan.

Ambit was the number one fastest-growing company in 2010, according to Inc. magazine. This company’s growth is due to independent consultants, who make most of the sales through direct selling. The prices of services vary from state to state in the USA. The company also became a licensed energy supplier in some states. All this happened because the company took advantage of the energy deregulation.

Are Ambit Energy Plans Worth Their Price?

The company offers different energy plans, and prices vary from state to state. The main states where the company is providing services are:

  • California
  • Delaware
  • Connecticut
  • Washington, DC
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • many parts of Texas and Virginia.

Plans for Canada and Japan are also available.

There is also a lone starter plan of 12 months duration and budget billing options available for customers. However, budget billing is not available in all territories. In budget billing company charges you based upon your historical usage or estimates your use if you do not have a 12-month history. Usually, customers are very happy initially. But later in the end or after, the bills spike without warning or reason.

Ambit Energy MLM Review


The Ambit Energy MLM Opportunity

Like any other MLM company, Ambit energy offers you the opportunity to earn by selling plans to customers and recruiting other people as company representatives or consultants. You can expand your network by recruiting more people and climbing the ladder of success in different roles.

Your role is to sell different plans of the company to potential customers. Also, you recruit other people as the company representatives. This way, you can save your energy expenses and make some money. (Ambit Energy MLM Review)

How Much Does It Cost to Join Ambit Energy?

You have to make an initial investment to join Ambit Energy. After that, you can earn more easily compared to other MLMs as there is no usual hassle of managing inventory. You have to help your friends, family, and new contacts choose gas and electricity products.

Moreover, the company also claims to have a complete consultant support system where all the guidance, training, and support are provided to help them achieve targets. Also, consultants can earn immediately after joining Ambit Energy, and there is no renewal fee after an initial investment.

Can You Make Money with Ambit Energy?

Earning is quite simple in Ambit Energy and starts quickly after joining the company. Generally, like any other MLM, there are two ways you can make it.

  1. Selling energy plans of the company to customers. You can recover your initial investment after referring three customers.
  2. By recruiting other people as a consultant in your downline

Pros of Ambit Energy

Free Energy

You can earn free energy if you manage to refer 15 customers to the company. Customers have to choose Ambit energy as their energy provider.


Compared to other MLMs, Ambit Energy offers more cost-efficient opportunities as there is no hassle of inventory management and other related work. In addition, the company provides a web portal to reach maximum customers. Training is also offered to maximize results.

Green Energy

Due to climate change, people are more concerned about whether they are utilizing green energy or not. As a result, there has been a surge in the market for green energy. So, this could be a rewarding opportunity for you to earn money.

Constant Demand

Electricity is an essential life necessity, so it’s easier to convince friends and family to save money using these plans. Also, you can sell electricity to large and small commercial businesses.

Good Reputation

Ambit Energy has maintained an A+ rating with Better Business Bureau. But it doesn’t guarantee the worthiness of the company.


Poor Customer Satisfaction

Although customers feel delighted after seeing the saving plans of Ambit Energy, they get irritated due to a sudden spike in bills near the end of the contract. BBB (Better Business Bureau) is full of complaints about this issue. Some customers report being overcharged.


One thing to notice is that the company only acts as a middleman between consumers and producers. They don’t have any infrastructure for producing gas and electricity. So, they lack flexibility in lowering the prices of energy. Producers have full authority in deciding the prices.


Two class-action lawsuits were filed against the company in New York and Pennsylvania for misrepresenting, fraud, and overcharging. The case filed in New York was settled for $26.5 million.

No Income Disclosure Statement

In addition, the company provides no information about the incomes of the consultants. So, you cannot estimate the earning potential.

Is Ambit Energy a Scam?

Ambit Energy does not seem like a scam. But they have tons of customer complaints that make them questionable. No legit company creates obstacles if they want to change the company.

Cheating and overcharging affect the credibility of the company. Ambit Energy was found guilty of such acts and faced many lawsuits.

Final Thoughts

The main problem is that those who join a scheme like Ambit Energy is they will lose more than they earn. This is because they feel under pressure to succeed. Though it seems like an attractive opportunity to make a few bucks in your spare time, always consider your personality, values, and skills before joining such companies. In summarising this Ambit MLM Review, It is an excellent opportunity for the short term, but you cannot rely on it for more extended periods. You have to build a large team to earn.

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