Atomy MLM Review

Atomy MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

You probably heard of MLM companies as they are common nowadays. Atomy being one of them sells skincare and beauty products. In this Atomy MLM review, we’ll uncover the absolute truth about Atomy.

Multi-level marketing or MLM companies provide you with the opportunity to earn in your spare time. Although earning part-time working from home or attending parties and events seems very attractive, it comes with many problems. Today we’ll look deeply at the Atomy MLM plan, products, and more. We’ll determine whether it’s worth joining.

Atomy MLM Review

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What is Atomy MLM?

Atomy is a Korean multi-level marketing company founded in 2009 by Han-Hill Park. The company sells skincare and beauty products. In the beginning, the company started with 33 products; now, it offers a wide variety of 452 products ranging from health, food, beauty products, home goods, and fashion.

Atomy has total global sales of over $1.84 billion. It operates in 33 global regions with 16 million global members.  HemoHim is the company’s leading product, and its sales surpassed $2 billion in 2021 in Korea alone. The company has 23 offices, where 6,395 online and offline seminars were held in the year 2021.

Check out this video on Atomy:

Are Atomy Products Worth Their Price?

Before deciding whether Atomy’s products are worth their price, we need to understand their product philosophy. Atomy aims to provide absolute quality at the absolute price. This is the motto of Atomy, for which it has strived from the beginning. The main products of Atomy are

  • HemoHim
  • The Fame Skincare System
  • Absolute CellActive Skincare

HemoHim is the leading product of the company. Atomy’s HemoHim uses fresh Angelica Gigas, Cnidium Officinale, and Paeonia Japonica cultivated in Korea without applying herbicides and pesticides. The main ingredients are extracted from these plants and processed to make HemoHim.  Its price on Amazon is $104.

Atomy MLM Review


Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute and Kolmar Korea jointly developed the Atomy skincare system the fame. It comes with additional ingredients to maximize results. Similarly, Absolute CellActive Skincare slows aging by taking advantage of added Tocopherol & Catechin to green tea water.

The Atomy Opportunity

Atomy works in a bit different way. Its membership process consists of the following steps.

  1. Go to the website and access it as per your region
  2. Log in with the sponsor’s guest account
  3. Fill out the information on the website
  4. Your membership on the website will get complete after filling out the information
  5. After application form submission and verification, you have to purchase products to get started

You must need a sponsor; else, contact the customer care center before proceeding further. You have to purchase 10,000 PV worth of products to become eligible for commissions. A mere purchase of $25 can easily surpass this limit. Another positive thing is that you buy products online and are not stuck with unwanted inventory.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Atomy?

There is no registration fee. Simply fill out the form available on the website and apply for membership. After verification, you can buy products and start selling. You need to purchase once a year to keep your membership active.

Can You Make Money With Atomy?

Making money with Atomy is different as your earnings depend upon consumption. First, you need to buy 10,000 PV worth of products. After that, it’s up to you how you want to increase your earnings. You need to build a large group of buyers to earn commissions on the consumption.

But one important point to notice is whether products are FDA approved or not. Also, the price factor is important to consider. Some products have a cheaper alternative, so you may have difficulty selling them.

Pros of Atomy MLM:

Surety of Benefits

In the case of MLM companies’ products, usually, users are not sure about whether products will benefit them or not. Sometimes companies claim unrealistic benefits which cannot be verified from a scientific perspective. But in the case of Atomy, it has a clear advantage over competitors as you know what you’re buying.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All the products have a money-back guarantee, removing the risks of not getting the value. Also, you can quickly sell them.

Minimum Purchase Requirement

You have to purchase products once a year to keep your membership status active. It removes the extra burden of monthly purchases.

Online Purchase

The company offers products online, so you do not need to manage inventory—products are directly shipped to clients.

No Joining Fee

No fees and starter kits are involved, which you need to buy.

Cons of Atomy MLM:

Complex Commissions and Saturated Market

The Commission system of Atomy is way more complex than it looks. You have to maintain PV points to get commissions. Also, you need to keep the PV points of your team maintained to earn from your downline.

Recruitment is a necessity.

Whether you like or dislike but, you’ve no choice other than to recruit more and more people to increase your earnings.

Continuous Investment

You can increase your bonus by spending more on buying products. However, you are vulnerable to financial deficits if you fail to sell the products. It is the bitter reality of every MLM.

Not FDA Approved

Products of Atomy are not FDA approved as it is not under the jurisdiction of the FDA to approve the ingredients of dietary supplements.

Language Barrier

Most product information is written in Korean, making it difficult to understand what’s written on them.

Is Atomy A Scam?

It is difficult to decide whether MLMs like Atomy are scams or not. You can earn through their working model, but it is not as simple as it seems from the outside unless you sign up and a clear picture is revealed to you. So, it is the best choice to assess your capabilities as there is no guarantee of success. You need honed skills to make sales.

Final Thoughts

Making money with MLMs is not easy. You need to make sales and recruit more people to increase your earnings. You may inspire your friends and family to make purchases, but it is hard to get regular customers. That’s why assessing your skills, personality, and character before indulging in such schemes

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