Boisset Collection MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

You might have heard of different MLM companies dealing with products such as healthcare, personal care, and even beauty products. But you will be amazed to know that even wine could be integrated into an MLM business. Yes, you read that right. Let’s uncover it with our Boisset Collection MLM Review.

With the Boisset collection, you are welcome to sell wine along with a wide range of products of similar categories. You can have that feeling of owning a winery or particularly a wine shop. In this article, we are reviewing the Boisset collection MLM organization. Here you will find everything you need to know to work with the Boisset collection.

Boisset Collection MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

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What Is Boisset collection MLM?

Jean-Claude and Claudine Boisset manage the Boissel collection. It is one of the largest producers and sellers of wine in Burgandy and France. Moreover, they also have wineries in India, California, and England with the same brand name, indicating an international presence. 

Holding the top position as the largest winemaker in Burgandy, they are the third-largest in France. The figures for wine consumers are huge. So, wine could be big business. And in MLM, where you don’t need to have an inventory or worry about piling stock, money-making with it could be easy.

As an ambassador, you are expected to enjoy the wine and expand your business just by recommending it to your loved ones. The Boisset collection is not only limited to wine, there are accessories, books, and even glassware.

Check out this video overview of Boisset Collection:

How Does Boisset Collection MLM Works?

If you have ever heard about MLM, you know there is basic training, marketing material, and a brief introduction to the organization. Here in the case of the Boisset collection, you join in as an ambassador.

In the beginning, you need to choose a starter kit that you will purchase to get your business running. There are five types of kits to choose from depending upon your interests.

With each kit, there is a 90-day free trial to the cellar suite. The cellar suite includes the tools you need to manage and run your business smoothly. This includes online training, sales data, and some marketing tools. After 90 days period, the cellar suite is going to cost you $14 per month. You can also pay $120 for a cellar suite for the whole year.

The information regarding the prices of kits and things included in them is as follows;

Go-Green Kit ($42)               

This starter pack does not include wine. However, it gives you access to online training. This is recommended for wine enthusiasts.

The Social-Lite ($149)

This kit includes three bottles of wine with access to the cellar suite.

The Enthusiast ($349)

Six bottles of wine along with stemware are included in this pack. You will also get training and access to the cellar suite.

The Aspiring SOMM ($549)

This is the best kit for you if you are planning for a wine tasting event. It includes 12 bottles of wine, a wine roller bag, stemware, glassware, marketing tools, and accessories.

Can You Make Money With Boisset Collection MLM?

Same as in a classic MLM company, you can make money with the Boisset collection in more than one way. Direct selling will be the major source of income as an ambassador however, you can recruit people under you.

There is a wide range of products from wine to accessories. You can sell them and earn a commission on them. Also, when someone you recruited sells a product, you also earn a percentage of money over it. In such a manner, you can get yourself a team of ambassadors. First, you begin by selling the products yourself and then you recruit people to sell for you.


Good Commission Rate

Boisset collection offers a great percentage of commission rate on their products. However, the rates may vary from product to product.


There is absolutely no need to have an inventory to get your business running. You can make sales directly from the company under your name.

Generation plan

You also get a percentage of income if someone you recruited makes a sale.


Expensive Kits

The prices of beginning kits are quite high. The Go-Green kit is $42 and it only includes some training. And other plans are also not too cheap considering what they are offering.

Cellar Suite

The cellar suite is free for the first 90 days when you purchase a kit but after those 90 days you need to pay monthly or annually and an ambassador must have the cellar suite.

Maintain Sales and Cellar Suite

As an ambassador, you are expected to maintain a minimum target of sales. In case you are thinking to work with a team, then also there are specific targets for teams.

Beware Of Lawsuit

You might have decided to put your money, time, and efforts into this organization. But before you do that you must know that this company has been listed in the class action lawsuit 2015. The company was subjected to a high amount of inorganic arsenic according to the lawsuit.

Is Boisset Collection Legitimate?

Yes, the Boisset collection is legitimate. However, this organization works on an MLM model that may be difficult to work with. Also, wine is a luxurious product rather than a necessity. So, selling or promoting wine may not be easy as it seems.

Also, the wine is a little bit expensive. You might be able to get some sales but it could be problematic on a large scale. Also, the lawsuit that the company has on its name somehow affects its reputation and hence sales.

Final Thoughts

Multilevel marketing is a vast industry and you can make a good living out of it but don’t forget the struggle associated with it. When it comes to products like healthcare, personal care, and supplements. Those are necessities but wine is somewhat luxurious and it requires immense skills to get your wine MLM business running.

Boisset collection offers great commission rates but along with that, the starting prices are way expensive. There are a lot of factors you need to consider before being an ambassador for a wine company. This was everything about the Boisset collection. You need to test your luck in case you are thinking to work with the Boisset collection.

FAQs about Boisset Collection MLM Review

Q: Is Boisset wine worth it?

A: You can have several choices in the same price segment as that of Boisset wine. However, The wine of the Boisset collection is being sold to you by a trained professional ambassador. That is what makes it special.

Q: Can you make a lot of money from Boisset Collection?

A: Yes, the money-making potential of the industry is huge but there are several challenges included as well. If you are looking for a side hustle, this could be a good option.

Q: What is the most negative thing about the Boisset collection?

A: With many benefits, there are some negative things also associated with the organization. The major thing is the prices of wine and beginner kits. For someone who is looking for an income source, it could be quite difficult to get those starting kits.

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