Coway MLM review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Coway MLM review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Do you want to find out whether it’s worth joining Coway MLM? This brand gives network marketing opportunities for people who wish to earn money in their spare time. Check out our Coway MLM review to determine whether it’s worth joining.

Coway is an international company that excels in selling air purifiers, water purifiers, and other home appliances. It also gives network marketing opportunities to people who want to earn money in their spare time.

Network marketing is common these days. Take a deep look, and you will find that maybe one of your friends or family member might be working for an MLM company. Today we’re going to explore Coway; it’s a business opportunity, working module, and whether it is legit.

Coway MLM review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

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What is Coway?

Coway is a South Korean MLM company founded in 1989. It became a global company focused on health and wellness in people’s lives. Coway is also known as a life care company. Their main products are water purifiers, air purifiers, and bidets.

It is famous for receiving multiple design and innovation awards. Coway was the highest-ranking water purifier in South Korea in 2017, according to the National Brand Competitiveness Index (NBCI). At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2019, the company’s CIROO 2.0 water purifier received the CES 2019 innovation award in the home appliances category.

Are Coway Products Worth Their Price?

Coway manufactures various products from air purifiers to water purifiers, bathroom appliances, and more. For example, its product, Airmega 400, is famous on Amazon. Its CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is as follows

  • 328 (Smoke)
  • 328 (Dust)
  • 400 (Pollen)

True HEPA H13 Filter traps 99.9%² of airborne particles like bacteria, mites, dust, and pollen. It can cover an area of 1560 square feet. It weighs up to 24.7 lbs and consumes about 66 W of electricity. One downside is its price. It comes at the cost of $649. Another product Aquamega 200C has a price tag of $449. The main benefit is that some products are serviced every two months at no charge.

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The Coway Opportunity

As of 2021, Coway was operating in more than 60 countries, and the company’s revenue was $2.33 billion in 2020. About 6,558 people are working in Coway. Along with selling products, the company gives a chance to people to earn money by joining their direct selling program.

Coway representatives are called health planners (HP), who join after filling out the form on the website. They get training and guidance from Coway university. You can join as a preferred customer and enjoy special discounts or earn commission by selling their products.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Coway?

Like any other MLM company, Coway’s working model is simple. You must purchase a starter kit to start your journey as a health planner (HP). The company doesn’t charge any initial payment. Still, you have to spend from your pocket on all your expenses, from traveling to parking and customer management. If you fail to make enough sales, you must pay, whether from your commissions or arranged by some other means.

Can You Make Money with Coway?

The company offers a generous compensation plan for its health planners. You can earn commissions from sales, travel incentives, sales quota, and motivation bonuses. Not only this, but Coway also provides a car bonus. You have to drive around in the company’s branded vehicle.

You also get a commission from the sales of people you sponsor and rentals. So, you must build a team by recruiting people to climb the ladder of success.

Pros of Coway

Quality Products

Coway offers the best quality products compared to other MLM brands. Coway has received a lot of awards and certificates for quality products, from WQA (Water Quality Association), NEMKO (Norges Elektriske Materiell Kontrol), RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), and many more.

Quality is the main criterion for choosing water and air purifiers. Coway has its R & D center, where 520 scientists strive hard to ensure the finest quality products for your better health and wellness.

Service and Maintainance

Water and air purifiers need servicing and maintenance after periodic intervals. Coway is the only company that provides free service every two months.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Coway has made its reputation among South Korean and Malaysian citizens through its performance and quality service. Now people take it as trustworthy and rely on it for their needs.


Coway products are safe and manufactured according to international standards. Coway installed “child lock” in its products to avoid unwanted accidents.

Flexible Working

You can work according to your ease and schedule your daily target.

Cons of Coway

Expensive Products

Products of Coway are pretty expensive and hard to sell. For example, an air purifier at the price of $649 is not affordable for all people.

Extra Workload

As a health planner, you are responsible for selling products, servicing, and collecting rentals. It consumes your extra time.

Hefty Application Process

Coway application process is not a piece of cake. You have to go through a three-step process. First, you will fill out an online form and submit your resume. If selected, you are called for an interview. After that, you have to attend training at Coway university.

Customer Complaints

Coway shifted to an online control app called Coway IoCare. Users reported it as problematic. Lack of replacement parts is also an issue in case of breakage of parts.

Is Coway a Scam?

Coway does not seem like a scam but earning through selling products is challenging. One cannot rely solely on the income from selling Coway products. You cannot succeed until you have a large customer base. The offer best suits individuals who want to make extra income in their spare time—you spend money and time beforehand—this is not a good way to earn.

Final Thoughts

The main problem is that those who join a scheme like Coway will lose more than they earn. They feel under pressure to succeed. Though it seems an attractive opportunity to make a few bucks in your spare time, always consider your personality, values, and skills before joining such companies. It is an excellent opportunity for the short term, but you cannot rely on it for more extended periods.

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