Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

12 Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

Do you want to learn more about the best Credit Repair affiliate programs? If that’s the case, you’ve found a timely read. Getting rid of debt, responsible credit card use, and an excellent credit score are all prerequisites to financial stability, securing a line of credit, or a mortgage.

Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

Since most people want to fix or enhance their credit, there is a market for credit repair services. This post will go through the 12 best credit repair affiliate programs and details like commission rates and ideal audience demographics.

12 Best Credit Repair Affiliate Programs

1.     MyFico Affiliate Program

MyFico is the consumer-facing section of Fair Isaac, the creator of the FICO credit score, and thus more than simply a smart brand name. Therefore, it makes sense to seek guidance from those who have been at the forefront of the credit improvement sector for over 25 years.

MyFico provides reports and preventative measures, but they do not directly contact creditors on your behalf. Keep that in mind as you assist your visitors through the credit restoration.

They merely offer guidance to clients regarding their credit ratings to help them become financially self-sufficient. The entry-level package starts at just $19 per month, and your audience has the option of upgrading to more robust options at any time.

For only $39 a month, customers may obtain their FICO score from all three credit bureaus updated monthly, along with identity theft insurance and identity monitoring.

Commission: Up to $100 per sale

Cooke Duration: 30 Days

Payment Methods: Check, Payoneer, and direct deposit

Products: Credit scoring

2.     American Debt Enders

The American Debt Enders specialize in resolving their customers’ credit card debt and offer a wide range of services to meet their demands. You can get help with bankruptcy filings, debt settlement, debt management, payday loans, debt dispute services, consolidating student loans, repairing your credit, and more.

The company has been providing a wide range of debt-related services since its inception in 2006. They put a premium on customer service and offer free initial consultations with a licensed counselor.

Affiliates can join by registering with the company on ShareASale or emailing the organization. Affiliates receive a set payment for each qualified form submission and qualified phone call. If you want to be paid per call instead, you can sign up to get your own American Debt Enders phone number.

Affiliates can access promotional banners, movies, and other assets and provide their own. Affiliates can promote Market Hive and get a Market Hive membership and a free SEO tool.

Here is why you should choose American Debt Enders!

Since American Debt Enders provides a wide range of services, the company has garnered positive reviews online and enjoys a certain degree of credibility, making it easier to recruit a sizable clientele. Affiliates can also benefit greatly from the variety of available options and the presence of useful additional tools.

Commission: $40 for qualified calls and $20 for qualified form fills

Cookie Duration: Varies

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3.     Lexington Law Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Since its founding in 2004, Lexington Law has assisted clients throughout the United States with improving their credit scores. By disputing any inconsistencies or outright errors on their client’s credit reports, their lawyers help guarantee that their customers receive accurate information.

This has resulted in removing 70 million inaccurate entries from hundreds of thousands of reports, leading to an increase in credit scores for a similar number of people.

Your site visitors will receive a free consultation at no cost, as well as no upfront costs for the credit interventions needed to restore their credit. Customers who are starting have the option of signing up for either the “Concord Standard” or “Concord Premier” plan, with the latter two also offering “Premier Plus” for an additional fee.

With a 45 percent conversion rate, this credit repair affiliate program pays a flat $65 per lead. While that may seem far-fetched, it is necessary to find ways to help those who are suffocating under the weight of their debt.

You can easily make a lot of money if you direct these people to this offer.

Commission: $65 per lead

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Products: Credit Repair

Payment Methods: Check, Payoneer, and direct deposit

4.     SuperMoney Affiliate Program

SuperMoney is not a credit repair service like many of the others listed. Instead, it’s easiest to think of them as a price comparison engine, except for financial institutions.

Users can sort the results to locate credit repair providers near them. SuperMoney, however, goes beyond simply offering general information by including user reviews of each company.

SuperMoney is unique among affiliate networks in that it promotes credit repair businesses that do not exist on any other networks. To that end, they are looking for publishing partners to collaborate with.

If you’re a serious blogger about the financial services industry, you might also consider reaching out to some of these personally. Aside from that, you can join the SuperMoney affiliate program directly or via FlexOffers.

Commission: $75 per lead

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Products: Financial service comparison

Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, PayPal

5.     TransUnion Canada Affiliate Program

Having started in 1866 as a railcar leasing firm, TransUnion is not only one of the oldest credit monitoring organizations in North America but also one of the oldest companies in the world.

In 1968, they were the first to provide credit monitoring services, and their move of 3.6 million client records to computer disks shook up the sector. Consequently, they are consistently exploring new avenues for service enhancement.

Your site visitors will be provided with credit reports that are understandable and useful in monitoring their credit standing. And it all begins with a free credit report, the first step toward fixing your current FICO score and safeguarding against potential troubles.

If the information in the free report satisfies your audience, they may sign up for a $24.95 per month credit monitoring and protection plan. However, as part of the package, they are given unrestricted access to their credit reports and receive protection from and insurance for identity theft.

Commission Junction affiliates can participate in this program, which offers a flat $60 per lead. This means you’ll have all you need to sell the product (and get paid on schedule) in the form of marketing materials.

Commission: Up to CAD $60 per lead

Cookie Duration: 35 Days

Products: Monitoring credit score

Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer

6.     CuraDebt Credit Repair Affiliate Program

Debt settlement and negotiating service Cura Debt removes the stress of dealing with multiple creditors. They negotiate with the customer’s unsecured creditors to reduce the number of installments the consumer must make and increase the overall payment amount.

However, they also work to lower overall debt by negotiating with creditors. As a result, not only does it facilitate debt repayment, but the overall debt load is also lowered. Visitors with at least US$5,000 in debt are eligible for a free consultation at your business.

That’s about how much the typical American owes on their credit cards, so there’s a sizable pool of people from whom you may draw referrals. CuraDebt has assisted over 200,000 customers by offering debt consolidation and repayment options.

Compared to some of the other affiliate programs presented here, this credit repair program’s $30 per lead payout is very modest. However, a permanent cookie gives you more time to turn visitors into earnings.

Commission: $30 per lead

Cookie Duration: Permanent

Products: Credit Repair

Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer

7.     Identity IQ Affiliate Program

Identity theft is one of the most drastic and harmful methods to damage your credit. Without Identity IQ’s credit monitoring services, a stranger may obtain many lines of credit in your name in a single night and maybe even have it officially announced that you’re dead.

Identity IQ provides annual, biannual, or monthly access to your credit report and score from each of the three major credit reporting agencies, allowing you to monitor your credit and catch any potential problems before they become serious.

Social Security number (SSN) alerts are also available, which can be useful if you’ve just applied for a personal loan or something similar.

In addition, the person you refer will receive $25,000 in identity theft insurance and a virtual private network (VPN) to safeguard their devices from hackers.

Affiliates get $35 per qualified lead, with the potential for much higher earnings through increased sales volume.

Commission: $35 per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Products: Credit repair/prevention of identity theft

Payment Methods: Direct deposit, wire transfer

8.     The Credit People Affiliate Program

The Credit People is the next company on our list of credit repair affiliate programs. They’re another credit repair company, and their services are comparable to the ones listed here.

Their credit repair specialists first eliminate the dings on a client’s credit report that would otherwise lower their FICO score. However, they also pay attention to details that benefit a person’s FICO score. And they know what they’re doing because they’ve been at it for nearly two decades.

Your referrals will access their credit score and all three major credit reports used in North America. They can then use the Credit People app to follow the development of their case; however, it will take at least 60 days before they notice a change in their credit score.

Their affiliate program compensates you for referrals made by phone and visitors who arrive after clicking a banner ad or text link on your website.

Commission: Up to $100 per sale

Cookie Duration: 3 years

Products: Credit Repair

Payment Methods: Direct deposit and check

9.     National Debt Relief Credit Repair Program

Having gone through the credit repair process himself and witnessed the aggressive techniques employed by some debt consolidation and management companies, Danny Tippman founded National Debt Relief in 2009.

He sought to provide a more affordable option for lowering people’s debt and boosting their credit scores. They’ve helped about half a million Americans, which is a huge number.

They can assist your site visitors with unsecured debts, such as charge and store cards, personal loans, medical bills, payday loans, company debt, collections, and even some forms of college debt.

They boast that some of their clients have reduced their debt by as much as 66% through their debt consolidation and credit repair service, and they back up those claims with a wealth of facts.

To become a client, all that is needed is $10,000 in unsecured debt in the United States.

With this credit repair affiliate scheme, there is a base commission rate of $27.50 per lead, but you may negotiate a higher fee if you can guarantee a certain volume of traffic.

Commission: $27.50

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Products: Debt counseling

Payment Methods: Direct deposit, check, and Payoneer

10. Credit Saint Affiliate Program

Credit Saint, established in New Jersey over 15 years ago, specializes in credit repair. They similarly help clients to the aforementioned credit repair businesses by repairing their credit scores.

Credit repair solutions range in price from $79.99 per month for customers with no more than five negative items to $119 per month for customers who need a more aggressive service to address several errors.

Once clients’ credit troubles have been fixed, they continue to work with them to ensure they don’t arise again.

You can use the fact that Credit Saint provides a complimentary credit consultation when pitching this deal to potential customers.

With a payout of up to $100 per lead, this credit repair affiliate program offers a great opportunity for dedicated affiliates to make a lot of money.

Commission: Up to $100 per lead

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Products: Credit Repair

Payment Methods: Direct deposit, check, and Payoneer

11. Experian Affiliate Program

One of the more well-known credit-reporting firms is Experian. They’ve been around since 1968, making them another industry veteran. They are one of the firms whose reports lenders use to determine creditworthiness and risk.

This way, the data available to your site visitors is the same data used by financial institutions to make decisions about loans, credit lines, etc. You need to do more than just fix your credit to restore your financial footing.

Here’s where ‘Experian Boost’ comes in handy; it lets you add indisputable evidence of on-time bill payment, such as utilities or subscription-based streaming service invoices, to your report.

Additionally, Experian provides free credit reports without requiring personal information or payment from your site users. This affiliate program pays up to $30 per lead in commissions.

Although this isn’t a huge sum, their Commission Junction performance indicators suggest that affiliates earn a decent living by promoting their program.

Commission: Up to $30 per lead

Cookie Duration: 10 days

Products: Credit reporting

Payment Methods: Direct deposit, check, and Payoneer

12. Reliant Credit Repair Program

Reliant Credit Repair is the last affiliate program for fixing credit that we’ll examine. The question then becomes, “What do they provide for a customer who pays them?”

After a free consultation, they’ll review your visitor’s credit report to spot any mistakes that could hurt their FICO score. They then dispute these with the appropriate creditor to get the information updated. They might also send demand letters to collection agencies.

The result is that their customers no longer have to worry about constant contact with creditors, and their credit scores can be restored if not improved.

A monthly monitoring service that alerts you to any difficulties related to credit scores is one of the two basic plans offered by Reliant Credit Repair.

The second choice is a credit monitoring and repair service that charges over $300 once but provides assistance for the rest of your life. There is a 40% commission rate in the Reliant Credit Repair affiliate program.

Commission: 40% per sale

Cookie Duration: Email for info

Products: Credit Repair

Payment Methods: Email for further info


The credit repair affiliate market varies, including credit repair and debt settlement businesses. You may further research secured credit card and loan providers specifically targeting customers with low credit scores.

There is a high need for credit repair services and debt management solutions, which can translate to attractive business opportunities for those who can assist with restoring or improving credit ratings.

The reason for this is the staggering level of consumer debt in the US, which is currently above $15 trillion. Your success is only a step away, and traffic is a crucial part of it. Visit EVE PACIFIC MEDIA to learn more.

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