Digital Marketing for Real Estate – a hand touching a virtual real estate board

Digital Marketing for Real Estate

The housing market is a competitive one, and it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, with a growing number of renters and aspiring homeowners in the market, it’s more important than ever to know the latest trends in digital marketing for Real Estate. The application of digital marketing in real estate advertising is one of the best-kept secrets you will discover in this comprehensive article.

Digital Marketing for Real Estate – hands, a laptop, and virtual real estate board

It is reported that the real estate industry will experience a 2.3% increase by the last quarter of 2021 and beyond. More residential and non-residential buildings will be erected. Real estate agents will get a lot busier, opening the door for more rookie agents to join the industry. Therefore, competition among real estate agents will heat up.

With the increasing competition and stiffening opportunities, how would a real estate agency stay ahead of the pack? As with many industries, adopting a digital marketing strategy is one of the current best practices.

To be ahead of your competitor, you need to start taking digital marketing a bit more seriously as it is pertinent for building brand awareness for your real estate agency, widening exposure, and also attracting more attention to your brand.

This article will discuss the importance of digital marketing for real estate and also the several digital marketing strategies you can adopt for your real estate agency.

Here is an awesome video of a COMPLETE Social Media Marketing Plan for Real Estate Agents:

Importance of Digital Marketing for Real Estate

So, when a real estate agency gets its digital marketing right, it enjoys all the following benefits associated with digital marketing:

  • Ease of information dissemination

Apparently, everyone turns to a search engine for virtually every piece of information nowadays. Most consumers prefer using the internet to first filter all the necessary information and options
they have got about real estate listings that may meet their requirements. The internet makes it possible for people to access countless real estate portals where they can shortlist suitable
properties on the basis of value, budget, basic amenities, and accommodation.

  • Larger coverage of the target audience

Reaching an audience beyond your locality becomes more challenging when digital marketing is not utilized. Digital marketing allows you to target and reach an audience beyond your locality. Paid ads in digital marketing help you target those who are specifically looking for properties and not just the uninterested general market.

  • Ease of building credibility

As with any other business, establishing credibility online is very important. Online reviews are one of the easiest ways to gain respect and trust from customers. On your online platforms, customers can write a review of their experiences with your services. Some positive reviews on your page can invoke trust in prospective customers when deciding to try your service for the first time.

  • Cheaper means creative marketing

Going digital allows you to save on the cost of printing so many marketing materials. The cost that could have gone to paper printing can be used for other strategies such as Facebook or Instagram ads. Online marketing also gives you the freedom to be genuinely creative. You are allowed to think right out of the box and explore different demographics and campaign strategies.

Several digital marketing strategies you can implement for your real estate agency include:

  • Creating a website and mobile app.
  • Building a blog for SEO.
  • Developing email marketing campaigns.
  • Running paid social media promotion.
  • Using drone cinematography.
  • Asking for reviews and referrals.
  • Collecting and displaying testimonials.
  • Optimizing your website for mobile.
  • Creating a standout business card.
  • Investing in augmented reality.
  • Hyper-targeted advertising
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Video Marketing


In this article, we have discussed the importance of digital marketing and how it is a key factor in the future of Real Estate. The future of digital marketing for real estate is a very interesting topic. It is not something that we can predict with any certainty, but it is something that we can speculate on.

With the increase in the number of people working remotely and the increase in the number of people who are getting their own homes, it seems as though there will be a lot more work for real estate agents.

There are also a lot of other changes happening in our world right now, such as increased automation and the increased use of artificial intelligence. These changes could have an effect on how we market property in the future.

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