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How to Effectively Buy Facebook Ads

If you are struggling with how to effectively buy Facebook ads that will convert and bring in more leads and customers for your business, this article will definitely be of great use.

How to Effectively Buy Facebooks Ads - KEYS ON A KEYBOARD

It is no longer news that Facebook has been instrumental in the digital marketing revolution that has been helping businesses get their products in front of prospective customers. Whether you are experienced in or new to Facebook marketing, are you in search of a detailed guideline for running effective Facebook ads? This article will definitely be of great help.

Facebook Ads terminologies

There are three (3) peculiar Facebook terminologies that you should be aware of:

  • The campaigns: It comprises all of your ads/ad sets running for a particular purpose on Facebook.
  • The Ad sets: These are the various ads you set up to target different audiences with different characteristics.
  • The Ads: This refers to the individual ads for display in Facebook feeds. It may come in the form of images, words, or both.

Steps to effectively run your Facebook Ads

Now, here is the detailed procedure for buying and running an effective Facebook Ad.

Creating an account through Ads Manager

If you are a newbie to the process, you will need to do this first. Facebook’s Ad Manager is a dashboard that gives users an overview of all their campaign activities. For you to be able to log into the Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll have to open a Business Page on Facebook. You can’t run ads with your personal Facebook account.

Check out this awesome video Facebook Ads for Beginners In 2022: How to get REAL results:

Creating Your Facebook Ads through Facebook’s Ads Manager

After creating an account with the Ads Manager, you’ll see that the performance dashboard is empty. It is now time for you to start creating your Facebook ads. The processes highlighted below will be very useful for you:

Choose your marketing objective
There are about eight different objectives you can select from. Choosing one of the objectives means you’re providing Facebook with a better idea of what you’d like to do so that Facebook can present you with the best ad options. Some of these objectives include “Post engagement, website traffic, page likes, event responses, video views, and so on).

Select your target audience
You need to choose your target audience, and the exact people you want to reach. This should be done for each ad set that is in the same campaign. Selecting the “Custom Audience” option will allow you to reach only the target people on Facebook who are already in your contact database or subscribed to your page.

Setting your budget
Facebook will allow you to either set a daily budget or set a lifetime/ongoing budget. A daily budget allows your ad set to run consistently throughout the day or for a new of days. A lifetime budget is needed when you want to run your ad for a long predetermined amount of time.

Creation of your ad
What do you want your ad to look like? It all depends on your original objective. The ad option is simplified into two formats: Links (single image) and Carousels (multiple images are used for a single ad)

Monitoring your ad’s performance metrics
To see the results of your ads after creating and running them, you will simply navigate to the ads manager and click “Account Overview.” From there, you’ll be able to monitor the progress of your ads.

Reporting on Facebook ad performance
Custom reports can be received via email to report the effectiveness or success of your Facebook ads.

Now that you have known how to effectively buy and set up Facebook ads, the best time to create your winning Facebook ads is NOW!

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