How to Start a Blog to Make Money - a woman with one hundred dollar bills covering her face

How to Start a Blog to Make Money

Can a complete beginner realistically expect to earn money with a blog? Can blogging be your full-time job, or is that another myth? The answer to both questions is a “Yes.” This article will show you How to start a blog to Make Money!

Blogging as a source of income is not some far-fetched idea but a practical possibility. It is possible to generate money as a blogger with only a basic knowledge of blogging, search engine optimization, and the Internet. Read on to learn more.

How to Start a Blog to Make Money - a woman with one hundred dollar bills covering her face

Who are We

Eve Pacific Media is an affiliate marketing firm that provides support and guidance to those contemplating or who have chosen to become content creators. We help aspiring bloggers, content creators, and affiliate marketers with their strategies.

My relationship with multi-level marketing or network marketing started in the late 80s. I have had involvement with Shaklee, Primerica, Amway, and, yes, the infamous Consumer Buyline. I enjoyed various levels of success. Back then, I aspired to become an MLM or Network Marketing Pro. Savvy top MLM earners would build massive downlines, breakaway, and move to programs with the most lucrative opportunities during that era. This was a common practice before many States barred those multi-level marketing schemes.

Our goal at Eve Pacific Media is to use my vast experience to benefit others with a series of reviews of multi-level marketing companies.

How Bloggers Make Money: An Introduction

Before we get into the details of making money with blogging, let us be clear about something. It’s not a walk in the park; rather, it’s a complicated and time-consuming procedure that necessitates a great deal of effort and hard work, but the payoff is great.

Not only may you make money from blogging, but you’ll also gain self-respect and confidence from knowing you built your business on nothing but your abilities.

How To Earn Money Blogging?

Seven steps can help you set up your blog and begin making money.

1. Set up Your Blog

You’ve just taken the first and probably simplest step. Nowadays, registering a domain name and starting a blog couldn’t be simpler. You only need some guidance and direction to get started.

Follow these steps to start your blog:

  1. Registering a domain name
  2. Host your site
  3. Create content
  4. Publish your first blog

The easiest way to locate an ideal domain name, create your website, host it and create your content with ultimate security is by joining the Wealthy Affiliate program. You can read more about why it remains the best site builder and hosting platform.

Mistakes are part of the learning process when you’re just starting as a blogger. That’s fine as long as you take the time to figure out what went wrong and never do it again. Keep these suggestions in mind when you consider beginning a blog.

Remember your goal, which in this case is to make money online. It happens because as a beginner, you might get lost in the idea of having a “perfect blog” and forget about your main goal. It is not that you should not pay attention to your website design but that you should not get lost in only the design and forget the purpose because there is so much more to earning money with a blog, including generating traffic.


At this early stage, keep everything as simple as you can. Perfectionism confuses, so don’t add unnecessary complexity. You have a lot to learn, and you will probably change your mind about many topics as you go along, so focus your efforts where they will do the most good.

2.     Create and Publish Content

Once you have a website, you are ready to create and publish content. Remember content remains the key and a blog with no content is meaningless; a site with average content is just another blog among the millions that have previously been published, and a blog with excellent material is a money-making venture.

You might ask, “What makes great content?”

Fantastic blog posts can be anything from text to visuals to music. In contrast, if you want to rank highly in Google (and other search engines), the bulk of your content should be text.

Here is what makes content great:

  1. Unique content (it is not copy-pasted content that is already there)
  2. Free of errors
  3. Meaningful and addresses a user’s query
  4. Valuable and offers insight to the reader
  5. Objective
  6. Helps the audience
  7. Easy to read

How to Create Great Content?

1.      Choose a Topic That Interests You

Your blog’s content, once you get started producing it, should be up to snuff in terms of the qualities readers look for in quality posts (as explained above). Unless you have a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for the subject, you will struggle and likely give up before you ever get started.

Remember that a profitable blog requires a lot of content and that you will need to develop unique ideas and topics regularly while selecting your niche. That is why having an interest in your topic matters so much.

2.      Good Topic With Good Audience

A single person’s enthusiasm for a subject is insufficient; others must share that enthusiasm. Remember that you can’t monetize your site without a good audience. No one will pay you for an ad on a site that does not have a good audience.

And none of that is likely to occur if your chosen topic does not attract a sizable viewership. Opening Google and typing in random terms (keywords) is the quickest approach to get a feel for the possibilities of your topic. Examine the variety and quantity of sites that populate Google’s first page.

3.      Be Specific

While it’s true that you need to attract a sizable audience, you should avoid picking something so broad that thousands of other websites already cover it.

More people are likely to be interested in and pay attention to widely discussed topics, but there is also more competition. It is more difficult to compete with established web firms that have teams of writers and SEOs than it is with other bloggers.

That is where locating the right keywords comes in. Wealthy Affiliate offers you a keyword research feature so that you can generate unique, specific content that reaches your target audience.

3.     Build Organic Traffic

Let us review the steps taken thus far.

  • The first thing you should do is get your domain name and start a blog.
  • Step two is to choose what you want to write about and become an expert in keyword research.
  • Building organic traffic is the next phase, which we will cover now.

What is Organic Traffic?

Making money from a blog requires not only traffic but targeted organic traffic. Search engines are the main source of organic traffic (mostly Google). The ‘user intent’ of organic traffic makes it superior to all other traffic types.

When someone uses Google’s search box to enter a query, they do so with certain goals. Someone who purchases online usually has a specific goal in mind, such as locating a solution to a problem, gaining knowledge, or making a purchase. The actual search terms users use in the search query are the most direct indicator of their purpose.

If a user types in something like “how to do an SEO audit of my website,” for instance, it’s safe to assume that he wants a detailed tutorial on how to conduct such an assessment.

You need to give Google detailed guidance on conducting a manual audit to be eligible to rank for that term (or something similar). If you follow these steps, you’ll see your blog entries rise in the search engine rankings and your site’s organic traffic increase.

Some Other Things You Need To Take Care of

  1. Get your technical SEO done (this includes blog structure, XML sitemap optimization, scheme markups, URL structure, canonical URLs, website speed, and much more).
  2. Get your on-page SEO done (this includes optimizing title, including headings, pst length, formatting, and internal linking).
  3. Get your off-page SEO done (this includes promoting your site, getting backlinks, and so forth).

4.     Build a Community

All you want is for people to read your blog, engage with your material, and ultimately, buy your products or services.

You can achieve this by doing the following:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Social media networking
  3. Web push notifications
  4. Engaging with the audience through comments

5.     Start Selling Ads and Making Money

Did you notice how many steps there are before you can start making money with your blog?

While the title of this post suggests otherwise, nearly three-quarters of the information here pertains to preliminary steps necessary before you can start monetizing your blog.

To sum up, these are the main reasons why you may not earn money:

  1. Lack of organic audience
  2. Not having a substantial email list
  3. Not having readers that love your content
  4. Not having content that adds value

Although there are different ways to monetize your blog and make money, affiliate marketing deserves a particular mention.

How To Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is selling the products of others in exchange for a commission and is one way to monetize a blog. Here is what the process looks like:

  1. Locating products to promote
  2. Enrolling in an ideal affiliate marketing program (Consider Wealthy Affiliate).
  3. Get unique links and banners and use them in your blog.
  4. When someone clicks on the link, they are sent to the product page.
  5. If they make a purchase, you get a commission.


Making money through a blog is not some abstract idea. Thousands of bloggers generate income from their websites using advertising, direct sales, and affiliate programs. These prominent bloggers share certain characteristics. They have great content, a dedicated audience, use more than one way to earn money, and have years of experience.

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