Jeunesse MLM Review Money maker or money pit

Jeunesse MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Cosmetics like skincare and beauty products often seem like an easy sell option. You might think every woman is crazy about beauty cosmetics so that you can earn a great chunk of money. Maybe it is true, but it all depends on products and their reputation. Many companies offer such opportunities where you can earn money selling products from home. In our Jeunesse MLM review, we will look at its business opportunity.

Junesses MLM has a wide variety of beauty products. In this review, we’ll cover whether it’s worth joining or not. Is it easy to sell its products as it seems from the outside?

Jeunesse MLM Review Money maker or money pit

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What is Jeunesse MLM?

Junesses MLM is a multi-level marketing company located in Lake Mary, Florida. It was founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009. The company reached its goal of $1 Billion in just six years from its inception. The company believes in changing people’s lives by abiding by its commitments. Jeunesse Kids (a non-profit foundation) is working to create a meaningful difference in the lives of children across the globe in alignment with the company’s vision of serving and giving back.

In 2020, the company multiplied and experienced double-digit growth from 12% to 42%. The company won 30 growth-related awards and ranked among the top 20 fastest-growing companies on the Direct Selling News global 100 list.

Check out this video on Jeunesse:

Are Jeunesse Products Worth Their Price?

Jeunesses sells a wide variety of skincare and anti-aging products. Its mission is to help customers live younger and feel better. Its products are available in the market named as

  • Instantly Ageless (Miracle micro cream)
  • Luminesce (Youthful skincare)
  • Naara (Collagen beauty drink)
  • NV (Flawless foundation)
  • RVL (Advanced hair care system)

Instantly Ageless, five strips of 5 multi-use vials come for $52.95. Luminesce products start from $48.95 to $143.95. Naara comes for $45.95, while the NV at $90.95 and RVL at $143.95, respectively.

One downside of Jeunesse’s products is that products are pretty expensive compared to similar brands with a good reputation. In addition, each product has its commission value (CV) attached that decides your monthly earnings.

The Jeunesse MLM Opportunity

The earning opportunity of Jeunesse is simple. You have to make sales and recruit people in your downline for earning. Products are available at wholesale price, and each has a CV value associated. So the more you sell, the more CV points you will get that measure your earnings. Different packages are available on the company website with their benefits.

You have to select a package at the time of your enrollment. You will be given a website where you promote products; training and business tools are also available there. You can earn commissions on the earnings of your team. As you move up the ladder of success, you will qualify for trips to different locations worldwide.


How Much Does It Cost to Join Jeunesse?

When you join Jeunesse, you have to purchase a starter kit. Different packages are available. You can enroll as per your choice. Also, you will be charged a renewal fee each year if you want to keep your status active.  If you maintain 360 CV points, you are not obliged to pay the renewal fee. Other hidden costs are also charged from you, like, parking and travel, business accessories, and more.

Can You Make Money with Jeunesse?

Earning money needs hard work. So the company offers a generous plan for earning. First, you purchase products at wholesale price and sell them at retail price. The difference between the wholesale price and retail price is your commission, which is up to 40% for regular customers. The preferred customers get a 15% additional discount on purchases.

Another way to make money is to recruit people on your downline. Each time your team makes sales, you will get commissions on that. You have to sell or purchase a fixed quota of products from the company each month.

Pros of Junesses MLM:

Secure Future

The company started in 2009 and attained billion-dollar company status in a few years. It was included in Inc’s 500 fastest-growing companies in 2016 and made sales of over $1.4 billion that year.

Decent Plans

Different plans starring $25 are available. You have the flexibility to choose as per your preferences and budget. If you want to test the business model of Jeunesse, then the upfront cost is greatly reduced due to light packages.

Positive Reviews

They have many positive reviews online that make their products relatively easy to sell. You can take advantage of this. Reputation is everything in the network marketing business.

Refund Policy is Great

You can get a 100% refund in the first 30 days if you feel like you are not the best fit for such a business. That eases your worries as your chances of failure diminish due to the confidence you get.

Cons of Junesses MLM:

Team Quota Requirement

You are not eligible for team earning residual commissions unless your group meets a specific monthly sales quota requirement.

Low Success Rate

The success rate in MLMs like Jeunesse is very low. Only the top few percent earn money. The company made it clear in “terms of use” that they are not responsible for your success.

High Prices of Products

Most of the products are expensive and are very difficult to sell in the competitive market.


The company is accused of misrepresenting the business opportunity in a class-action lawsuit. Additionally, the plaintiffs claimed they had earned little money compared to their expenses.

Is Jeunesse a Scam?

It is difficult to decide whether MLMs like Jeunesse are scams or not. You can earn through their working model, but it is not as simple as it seems from the outside unless you sign up and a clear picture is revealed to you. So, it is the best choice to assess your capabilities as there is no guarantee of success. You need honed skills to make sales.

Final Thoughts

Making money with Jeunesse is not easy. There might be some hidden costs that you have to pay from your pocket. In the end, you will find that your earnings are not enough even to feed you twice a day. So, consider your decision seriously before making your choice of joining Jeunesse.

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