Monat MLM Review

Monat MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Today multi-level marketing companies are very popular. They provide a flexible home-based source of income. In this MONAT MLM Review, you will learn all about this network marketing phenomenon and its true worth.

The race for better life quality made everyone look for new and innovative ways of increasing income. People, along with their 9-5 jobs, prefer to do something part-time. MONAT provides the opportunity to such people with the motto of making everyone independent. Are you looking for this opportunity?

Do you want to know whether it is a pyramid scheme, how to earn money joining MONAT, what products it offers, and whether it is worth joining or just ignoring? Let’s discuss!

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What is MONAT?

MONAT is a multi-level marketing company that sells hair care products for hair loss, hair damage, and scalp irritation. Luis Urdaneta founded MONAT in 2014. Since then, the company has expanded, covering the United States of America to Canada and Europe. The company sells anti-aging products claiming to help people live healthy and energetic lives.

It offers people a possible opportunity to earn by selling products or recruiting people in the downline. The people in downline then sell products or buy at discounted prices. The company will give you a commission on each sale.

Also, earning through MONAT sounds pretty fascinating initially, as you have complete freedom to earn on your terms. But is it worth joining such schemes? No matter how much you exaggerate, the concept remains the same: direct selling or multilevel marketing. Unfortunately, most people fail to make any real income through these schemes.

So what could be the best option? WEALTHY AFFILIATE, Obviously! Start your online business with affiliate marketing.

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Are MONAT Products Worth Their Price

The company sells hair care products that are all-natural and pure. Besides hair care products, the company also sells skincare and wellness products. They sell a number of other products and collection systems.

The #1 product of MONAT is Rejuvenique which comes at $105. It is known for its purity and versatility. MONAT claims to help people live a healthy and peaceful life. The company aims to provide confidence and well-being to over one million people attached to it worldwide. So its products worth their price.

MONAT Opportunity

Like any other MLM scheme, MONAT offers different ways to earn money. You have to enroll as their VIP customer and purchase an initial starter kit to begin selling their products. Also, you are required to hire people in your downline so that they make sales, and you will earn commissions on each sale.

Income comes from the commissions on immediate sales you make or the sales your recruits produce in the downline though you have to make a lot of sales to earn enough. Different ways of making money are as follows.

Retail Sales

Every MLM offers earning through retail sales. You have to promote their items and get a 15% commission on each sale and a 30% retail sale percentage. However, it is not too high but looks like a typical rate every MLM offers.

Earning by Recruiting People

Through MONAT, you can earn money in multiple ways. After getting enrolled, paying an initial fee, and purchasing a starter kit, you can start earning. Recruiting people is not new; you can consider it a mere MLM norm that is a must to increase your commissions and company earnings.

If you make people sign up, they are added to your downline. Whenever someone makes a sale from them, you will get a commission. Initially, you have to make your sales to earn enough, but your revenue increases as you rank higher and recruit more people.

Team Bonuses

The company sets different levels. As you climb the ladder of success by recruiting more and more people, you will get different bonuses and special perks. Also, there is an anniversary bonus offered each passing year.

How much does it cost to join Monat?

Market Partners have to pay registration fees, for a starter kit, for samples of products, and for the Monat products themselves. Monat costs $49 to join, and you must pay this fee yearly. You also have to buy a “Starter Kit,” which costs $99.

Can you make money with Monat?

There are different tiers you could sign up as a business partner of MONAT called VIP to sign up process consists of

  • You have to pay a one-time enrollment fee of $19.99 that will be added to your enrollment
  • You have to choose an initial product kit worth $84 or more as per your choice
  • You have to create a flexship order that will be automatically shipped every 30 0r 60 days as per your selection; you have the flexibility to reinstate your order at any time
  • Also, you have the option to upgrade to a MONAT market partner

Upgrading to a higher tier gives you additional benefits. You can order more products for the demonstration to customers; products will be automatically shipped every month. But be aware of some negative sides of this opportunity. Some people complain about not knowing about auto-shipments and that receiving a refund takes too long.

You need to know the business in detail that you’re planning to join because ignorance can cost you much more than you expect to earn. Sometimes hidden costs cripple your business, especially at the start of your journey.

Things to Like about MONAT

Relatively Fresh Starting

Most people who are successful in direct selling say that the chances of success are higher when the company is just starting its business. The company just started its business which indicates more potential for making a rewarding career.

Rapid Expansion

The company expanded to Canada and the EU, covering the USA, which indicates demand and business potential for products.

More Customer satisfaction

If you enroll in the VIP Flexship program, the company offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If unsatisfied with the products, you can return any left portion within 30 days. The company will refund all the purchase prices with less shipping and handling charges. It gives satisfaction about the quality and is a plus point when presenting products to potential customers.

Things to Not Like about MONAT

Good Reviews are not Authentic

You probably come across good reviews about the MONAT MLM. But they are often biased and untrustworthy, meaning the company paid to write good reviews. You can consider them as nothing more than a marketing tactic. They are going to tell you about real difficulties and hidden, we always prefer reviews of non-affiliates of MONAT MLM.

Class Action Lawsuits

The company faced 5 class action lawsuits around February 2018 claiming damage caused by their products. There are also numerous complaints at Better Business Bureau and on Youtube about the side effects of their products.

MONAT Products are Expensive

MONAT products are overpriced. You can find similar products from other brands at much cheaper rates on the market. That’s why it is not economical to sell these products. You can notice that most people who join MLMs focus on recruiting people instead of selling products.

Market Partner’s Complaints

Many business partners report complaints about the difficulty in contacting support. When people decide this opportunity is not for them, they contact the company support system to cancel their membership, but their response is nil. They have to wait for a long time.

Refund Period is too Long

Getting a refund is very difficult if you are dissatisfied with the products. Several market partners reported that they were denied refunds. Those who are eligible face delays of up to several months.

Products are not FDA-Approved and have Bad Reviews

The products of MONAT faced a lot of criticism. Not only people but also distributors criticized their products. People reported having lost hair, scalp irritation, and even injuries. No matter what, it isn’t easy to sell products without the finest quality.

Also, products are not FDA-approved like many other MLM schemes, but MONAT appears to be following FDA regulations.

Is MONAT a Scam?

Suppose a company is involved in fraud and dishonesty. In that case, we can question its legitimacy, but we have no legal reasons to declare MONAT as illegitimate. Making money with MONAT is challenging, just like any other MLM scheme. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to turn the odds in your favor. You have to recruit people aggressively. It requires honed marketing skills and communication to convince people, friends, and family.

Before joining such schemes, consider your personality, mindset, and skills. One thing more, MONAT marketing partners sometimes make unrealistic claims to market products, and the company has taken no action against them, which indicates dual standards. So, keep in mind all the perspectives before making your decision.

Final Thoughts: Monat MLM Review

Although you might be looking at the potential earning opportunity to make some bucks from the comfort of your home, take this decision very seriously. You probably heard about the negative publicity and criticism MONAT is receiving nowadays. It doesn’t mean MONAT is a scam, but your chances of success greatly depend on the trend of the company’s popularity.

Also, your success greatly depends on the performance of your recruits. It is always a good choice if success falls into your hands instead of others, so take a deep breath and assess all the pros and cons of MONAT before making any decision.

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