Natura Brasil MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Natura Brasil MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Do you know that you can make an ample amount of money just by selling products in your leisure time? Being a distributor and managing sales is a great side hustle that allows you to make money while setting your own schedule. In this Natura Brasil MLM review, we will explain everything you need to know about Natura Brasil. From How this organization works to how you can make money with it, we got you covered.

Most MLM businesses are strictly dependent on the type of products you are dealing with. So, beauty and healthcare products can really help you to boost sales. This category of products is relatively easy to deal with when it comes to attracting people and driving sales.

Natura Brasil MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

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What Is Natura Brasil MLM?

Natura Brasil is a Brazilian multilevel marketing organization founded by  Antônio Luiz Seabra in the year 1969. Natura Brasil is a cosmetic company that is present in more than 70 countries and all the continents except Antarctica. The company owns more than 3200 stores and 6 million consultants are currently working in the direct sales model.

This cosmetic company uses a direct sales method to generate revenue and surprisingly, it is one of the largest cosmetic companies based on revenue. The organization won several rewards and certifications that express the quality of its products. Moreover, the company operates globally and owns several other brands.

Check out this video overview of Natura Brasil:

How Does Natura Brasil Works?

Natura works on a direct sale method to get sales. Most of the products of Natura are available online and in-store, yet some distributors make a good living out of the direct sales model. Natura allows its consultant to use ethical ways to promote the products and drive sales. And you earn a commission over the sales you make. Moreover, you can recruit people to work under you.

Your recruits will also make sales and you will also earn a commission over it. However, the percentages may vary. In this way, you recruit more and more people with the sole purpose to drive more sales. How much you are going to earn with Natura is directly proportional to the figures of sales you make or your team makes.

Can You Make Money With Natura Brasil?

As already discussed, The company works on a direct sales method. Making money with Natura will not be a difficult task for you if you have excellent marketing skills. Sales are the key here. The company manufactures beauty products and it is your work to figure out a way to get people to buy from you or the organization.

As a consultant, you get 25-30 percent commission on every product sold by you. It hardly matters what is the source of your customers. Private groups, friends, relatives, and even host parties can get you, potential customers.

Moreover, if you are quite good at explaining things, recruiting people is always an option. With many people working under you, sales will increase exponentially. Moreover, you are dealing with cosmetics and beauty products, this is an industry that can get you plenty of customers, easily. Also, the variety of products is huge and the quality is unquestionable.


There are huge numbers of MLM companies working in the beauty segment but what make Natura better than its competitors?

Quite a few product lines

Natura offers you more than one product category to work upon. Natura also owns several other brands like Avon, Body shop, and Aesop. You are welcome to sell products from these product lines also. As a consultant, you are not bounded to sell and promote Natura products only.

Variety of products

With this many product lines to choose from, there is also wide ranges of product in each subsidiaries brand. So, if someone doesn’t like one specific product, there’s always a second option.

Unique ways to sell           

Unlike most MLM establishments where you can only sell offline, in Natura, you can create your e-commerce site and sell products directly from there. Creating a website or private store online to sell products as a consultant is really easy.


Working with such a large firm can have some drawbacks too. Everything so far seems easy yet it could be a bit challenging.

Global presence

Yes, the global presence of an organization is a good thing but it proposes a challenge for its consultants. It is related to the availability of some particular products in specific regions. All the products are not available everywhere.

Well known organization

This is more of a pro but trust me, it is a con. As many people might know about the brand, some may have the wrong idea about it or others might be already getting Natura products somewhere.  So, it might be a little difficult to find potential clients.

Is Natura Brasil Legitimate? 

This might be the first question in your mind after reading everything about the organization. The answer is a yes. Although it is very unlikely for everyone to get success in the MLM industry still, it could be a great side hustle for you.  

Public reviews show mixed feelings about Natura Brasil. This is because of the very low success in rate in the multilevel marketing industry. However, this shouldn’t be considered in judging the legitimacy of a body. Some people are making a good living out of Natura and there are people that are not satisfied with it. So, it solely depends upon you.

The products have positive feedback and they are also animal testing free. The company is focused to manufacture quality products for its customers and that is a good thing. But reselling those products as a consultant depends upon the individual capabilities.

There is a huge market base for cosmetics and beauty products. If you are looking to enter the MLM industry, the health care and beauty product segment is the best.

Final Words

Natura Brasil is a cosmetic and personal care product manufacturing company that is now operating in all continents except Antarctica. Maintaining such a reputation and a global presence is quite a difficult task. With over 6 million consultants all over the world, Natura is the biggest cosmetic company in terms of revenue.

The company focuses on making quality products and uses a direct sales method to generate revenue. The firm has built a good name in the MLM industry as a large figure of people is working in the company as distributors.

The company also owns several other brands. This basically just increases the variety of products that the consultants can sell in order to generate an income. Natura can be a good source of side income if you have the appropriate skills and time for the work. It can be a little challenging but you can earn a living with Natura Brasil.


Q: Can you earn well with Natura Brasil?

Answer: In an MLM company your earnings are based on the sales you drive for the company. So, if you can make good sales, you can earn a good commission.

Q: Is Natura Brasil a large company?

Answer: Natura Brasil is a Brazilian cosmetic and beauty products company with over 3200 stores and 6 million consultants.

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