Noonday Collection MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Noonday Collection MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

People around you have all heard that doing your business is more beneficial than working for someone else. But everyone thinks about the investment required to start a business. This is where MLMs play with your brains and make you believe they can help you achieve financial freedom. If you believe joining MLM guarantees financial freedom, read this Noonday Collection MLM review to learn more about it.

Noonday Collection MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

MLM companies work on the model of recruiting downline members. You need to purchase some products and sell them on a commission basis. The more you sell, the more commission you earn; your upline member also benefits from it.

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My relationship with multi-level marketing or network marketing started in the late 80s. I have had involvement with Shaklee, Primerica, Amway, and, yes, the infamous Consumer Buyline. I enjoyed various levels of success. Back then, I aspired to become an MLM or Network Marketing Pro. 

Savvy top MLM earners would build massive downlines, breakaway, and move to programs with the most lucrative opportunities during that era. This was a common practice before many States barred those multi-level marketing schemes.

Our goal at Eve Pacific Media is to use my vast experience to benefit others with a series of reviews of multi-level marketing companies.

What is Noonday Collection MLM About?

Noonday Collection is a multi-level marketing company founded in 2010. The owner of the MLM is Jessica Honegger. The company sells accessories, jewelry, and other related products. The products the company offers are artisan-made or hand-crafted, which makes the products more unique.

The company claims that the artisans making the products belong to developing countries. It further claims to provide employment opportunities to those living in par areas. You can be more inclined towards the company with its charitable cause. That’s where the Noonday Collection MLM review comes in to give you a better insight into the company.

Noonday Collection MLM Review – Are the Products Worth Their Price?

As stated above, Noonday Collection’s products are manufactured in subpar areas where employment opportunities are minimum and people live hand to mouth. Although, as stated, products are made in Peru, Uganda, India, etc., the company claims to provide quality products made from sustainable processes and materials.

Noonday Collection MLM has introduced a unique model to shop for their products, known as the “Trunk Show Model.” It is a virtual or physical event where you view the products and purchase them from an Ambassador trained to sell them. Some of the products that the company has its name and fame for are mentioned below.

  • Jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc
  • Home Decor: Blankets, pillows, and rugs
  • Gifts: Stationary, gift cards, and candles
  • Accessories: Hats, scarves, bags, and wallets
  • Apparel: Tops and skirts

Noonday Collection MLM Review – The Products

The company has mixed reviews in the market. Regarding the Noonday Collection MLM review, we looked online for customer comments about the service and products. However, we required assistance in locating numerous reviews. This raises red flags before us. We’ve attached responses we found on the internet below to avoid the hassle for you.

Noonday Collection MLM Review – The Opportunity

The Noonday Collection MLM review is written to give you a better idea of how it works and how much money you can make from it. One must go the extra mile to build a stable income out of MLM companies.

The ways Noonday Collection MLM offers commissions are discussed below.

Personal Commissions

You earn personal commissions on every product you sell. This is a direct bonus for your hard work and dedication towards the company.

Runway Radiance Rewards

Noonday Collections offers their ambassadors a bonus during the first few weeks after signing up. This is to keep them motivated towards the company.

Radiance Rewards

Radiance rewards are given following your monthly performances. The more you sell each month, the more gravy trains you earn.

Star Program

The more you earn, the higher your rank in the company. The more ranks you climb; the more commission increases similarly.

Coaching Career Path

This rank is considered the highest within the company. You earn the ranks as you climb up the ladder of commissions and ranks.

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What is the Cost to Join Noonday Collection MLM?

Each MLM company requires you to buy a product from them as a starter pack. The starter pack is something you buy out of your pockets and try to sell to others in your circle. The same is the case described in this Noonday Collection MLM review. The company has three starter pack varieties for you to choose from.

  • The Essentials Pack – this costs you $89
  • The Essentials Plus Pack – this costs you $189
  • The Essentials Premium Pack – this costs you $289

The more expensive the product is, the more products the package carries. Moreover, a monthly fee of $9.99 is deducted from your card each month. This situation brings you up a creek without a paddle. To cover the monthly fee, you are inclined to sell products faster. A breakdown of services you get in the fee is as follows.

  • An E-Commerce website with your link.
  • Digital marketing books to show and sell to others.
  • Training courses to lure the public.
  • Customer support services.

If I get so many services for $9.99, what’s the catch, then? Think how you are being ripped off annually for $120.Remember, the starter pack you purchased is to sell too.

Can You Make Money With Noonday Collection MLM?

As any MLM company would operate, Noonday Collection MLM also works on recruiting new members in the downline or selling their products for commissions. You earn money by achieving the bonuses and benefits set by the company on reaching the targets.

The passive way of income that the company boasts about is only achievable by recruiting new members and earning part of their commission. Throw caution to the wind and add new active members to your downline. They will purchase or sell products and earn a commission, while you will also get a commission percentage.

Commission Chart For Noonday Collection MLM


  • It provides an E-Commerce website with your link.
  • It has a good cause to allow employment in lower countries.


  • The compensation plan needs to be explained.
  • There is no transparent income disclosure.

Is Noonday Collection MLM a Scam?

What is a scam? Something that rips you off your hard-earned money, and you’re misled into something which turns out to be a disaster. It may not be a scam as it has physical products, but taking it as a full-time work opportunity and thinking you can make millions and billions out of the company, may not be accurate.

The company shows interest in providing opportunities to developing countries; it has an emotional touch, but what creates a red flag here is no income disclosure statement. The income statement should be transparent if one intends to join a company. This helps understand the profit and loss a company makes.

Noonday Collection MLM Review – Final Thoughts

Before entering the world of MLMs, know that everyone is in for a penny, in for a pound. You can only make money with these platforms if you generate sales. What if you fail to do so? You earn nothing. So look before you leap into such a situation.

Such MLM companies tend to tell you to quit your stable jobs to build your business out of their products. But, once you sell the products to your friends and family, who else would you market the products to? Getting into MLM companies is, therefore, optional. We hope this Noonday Collection MLM review article has helped you decide what’s best in your interest. Visit Eve Pacific Media to learn more.

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