Nu-Skin MLM Review - the logo money maker or money pit

Nu Skin MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

In recent decades, many individuals have made hundreds of millions by selling products online. In fact, eCommerce has changed people’s lives like never before. Among the money-generating means is by selling products for companies. One of such long-standing enterprises is Nu Skin, a company well-known for providing anti-aging products. In this Nu Skin MLM Review, we pull the curtain back on this Juggernaut!

Considering the hype and potential sales involved, it’s understandable if you are seeking to join the bandwagon. However, you’ll be doing a lot of good by learning deeply about any company using a multilevel marketing approach (MLM) to generate sales. To help guide your decision-making about Nu Skin, this article explains all you need to know about the brand. Let’s begin.

Nu Skin MLM Review - the logo money maker or money pit
Nu Skin MLM Review

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What is Nu Skin MLM?

Nu Skin is a multilevel marketing enterprise that is involved in the sales of personal care, dietary and supplementary products. The company is known for selling over 200 anti-aging products, which are marketed as products that help people feel and look younger than their age. 

Blake Roney, Steven Lund, Sandie Tillotson, and Nedra Roney are the co-founders of Nu Skin, as far back as 1984. The popular company has its headquarters in Provo, Utah, boasting an estimated revenue of $2.68 billion in 2018. However, several investigations and lawsuits have been filed against the brand over the years. 

How Does Nu Skin Work?

Nu Skin anti-aging products work because it contains ingredients such as sweet almond oil, rosemary leaf extract, Echinacea Angustifolia Extract, and Retinyl palmitate. This combo is known to enhance collagen levels, smoothen wrinkles and tighten the skin. Also, the product is able to hydrate and moisturize the body to get rid of dry skin, lines, and skin abrasions. Given the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the ingredients, the Nu Skin product eases skin conditions, alleviates redness, and repairs skin damage. Additionally, the company offers products that focus on cell protection, heart health, vitality, digestive health, weight management, etc.

In terms of sales, Nu Skin is renowned for signing several people to help distribute their products globally. Over 750,000 independent distributors work for Nu Skin enterprise. All you need to do is to sign up on the Nu Skin website and purchase the marketing and sales material from the brand. These include business cards, brochures, beanies, etc. Also, distributors can focus on a specific product or a group of products from the company. 

Can You Make Money With Nu Skin?

As stated before, any individual can sign up as a distribution agent for Nu Skin MLM. In other words, you can make money with Nu Skin by selling their products. Aside from making a retail sale, distributors can also recruit others into their team. This approach requires sharing the profits from product sales with your downline members.

People also utilize an affiliate marketing approach to make money from Nu Skin. You simply need to direct potential buyers to the Nu Skin website via your affiliate link. In return, you’ll receive 5% to 25% commission, depending on the agreement on the sales.

A more exciting approach to earning from Nu Skin MLM is the block system developed by the company. This structure enables distributors to make money by developing either sharing blocks or building blocks. Sharing blocks means amassing 500 points from registered customers with Nu Skin while building blocks means gathering 500 points from your group.

The two approaches come with bonuses that range from 5% to 40%. Nu Skin pays the commission weekly and resets the block monthly. As a distributor involved in building blocks, you are required to complete four new blocks monthly. The more you build, the higher would be your rank in the block system.

However, a downside to this approach is that you have to deal with some hidden costs. For instance, Nu Skin will not pay you for training new distributors that are joining your group. In other words, you are spending your time to help bring onboard more marketers freely. Also, you’ll be responsible for the taxes associated with shipping and sales. 

Pros of Nu Skin MLM Review:

  • Supports an optional automatic delivery rewards program that enables distributors to create a standing monthly order of products. If you choose to terminate the subscription, only written notification is required.
  • Distributors are allowed to terminate the agreement at any time. All you need is a written notice of disengagement. 
  • No minimum amount, inventory requirement, or purchases are associated with the distribution system.

Cons of Nu Skin MLM Review:

  • Only a 90% refund policy applies.
  • Distributors must sell their existing products before placing a new order. Proof of sale or consumption is required for further purchase.
  • When a return is made, the company doesn’t reimburse the shipping cost.
  • Hidden charges that eat into the distributor’s commission.

Beware of Lawsuits (Nu Skin MLM Review)

Currently, there is no existing investigation into the operation of the Nu Skin enterprise. However, the company has faced several lawsuits over the years. In 2016, Nu Skin paid a $47 million settlement after being sued by China. In the same year, the company had to pay $750,000 for bribing a Chinese official following a U.S SEC probe.

Is Nu Skin Legitimate?

While Nu Skin has engaged in numerous legal battles, the company’s operations and products are legitimate. Nevertheless, the distribution program offers little profit when the hidden charges are considered. Hence, it’s apparently not the most profitable online business to engage as you may find it difficult to make a decent income.

Final Thoughts

Getting into Nu Skin MLM is quite straightforward. Also, several products are available that you may consider reselling. Every member is free to resell as a wholesaler or retailer. And more so, there are multiple streams of making money from working with Nu Skin enterprise.

However, generating decent revenue from Nu Skin products is not as easy and profitable as it seems. If you love the products and would like to become a distribution agent, endeavor to consider the pros and cons properly. In this way, you can confidently make an informed decision for yourself.

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