One Hope Wine MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

One Hope Wine MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Do you want to dip your toes into the waters of business? Financial scams scare you to do so? Fret not. You have landed at the right place. This One Hope Wine MLM review will give you an idea of whether it’s a money maker or a money pit. The detailed information in this article will solve your confusion about starting a business.

One Hope Wine MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

One Hope Wine MLM is a company that businesses with wine products. This multi-level marketing claims to provide quality wine to consumers. It is working to make your bright career in wine. This One Hope Wine MLM review will surely guide you on whether you should join this company or not.

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who are we: One Hope Wine MLM Review:

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What is One Hope Wine MLM?

One Hope Wine MLM is a wine-selling company that sells many wine-related quality products. It is working to provide a vast range of business opportunities. It offers you different packages to start work in the industry. Even without experience, you can hit the ground running with One Hope Wine MLM. 

One Hope Wine MLM Review:

Moreover, this wine industry also has its own charitable trust, which it runs on its business profits. One Hope Wine MLM gives a percentage of its earnings to this charity named One Hope. The company claims that it helps the needy with the help of wine. Basically, One Hope Wine MLM introduces itself as a philanthropist organization.

This Napa Valley-based beverage company was founded in 2007. Now the brand is running through its headquarters in Napa, United States, and California. One Hope Wine MLM is working with social awareness of fundraising and charity for the needy. The organization’s co-founder Jake Kloberdanz is also the CEO of the industry.

Furthermore, the company`s co-founder Tiffany Wojtkiewicz is working as One Hope trust`s president. One Hope Wine has raised a handsome amount of more than $6 for donations around the globe. Not only the charity amount but they have also provided over 3 million meals to deserving people.

One Hope Wine MLM invites you to join the company and participate in its incredible mission. The mission is about changing the world and being the boss of yourself. One Hope Wine MLM aims to enable people to spread hope with the help of wine. Besides, its other vision is to work for women’s empowerment to make them independent.

Are One Hope Wine MLM Products Worth Their Price?

One Hope Wine MLM Review: worth it

One Hope Wine MLM products are undoubtedly worth their price. This multi-level marketing brand caters the high-quality wine to its consumers. Although the wine items seem slightly expensive, they are not too costly to purchase. There are different quality products to fulfill the need of wine lovers, such as

  • Red Wines.
  • Rose Wines.
  • White Wines.
  • Dry Wines.
  • Sweet Wines.
  • Sparkling Wines.

Check out this video review:

One Hope Wine Reviews

To know the demand and repo of One Hope Wine MLM, we scrolled the internet. Here, we find a lot of genuine reviews from around the globe. Many people express their pure opinion regarding One Hope Wine MLM. Some reviews are in favor of the company, and vice versa. Let’s take a view at it.

One Hope Wine MLM Review:
One Hope Wine MLM Review:
One Hope Wine MLM Review:

One Hope Wine MLM Opportunity: 

One Hope Wine MLM Review:

One Hope Wine MLM provides you with hella opportunities for success. You just need a strong desire to work and a few people to recruit. This multi-level marketing provides you with business opportunities even without experience. It grants you access to its training center for getting an education about wine products.

How Much Does it Cost to Join One Hope Wine MLM?

How Much Does It Cost: One Hope Wine MLM Review:

One Hope Wine MLM has a different fee structure and offers to join. If you want to join One Hope Wine MLM, you first have to pay a registration fee of $39 to get its join kit. It enables you to sign up on its website and gives you a lot of things according to your desires. Such as

  • Order forms and marketing booklets.
  • Event notecards and three catalogs.
  • Getting Started Planner.
  • Sparkling Wine Stopper.

Aside from it, you can also join it as a regular member at a monthly cost of $8.25. But if you want to start it with a one-time payment, get a membership for $99 a year. You just need to renew it annually. This fee plan offers you the following:

  • A personalized website where you can take orders from customers.
  • Full access to One Hope Wine MLM digital training course.
  • Thorough wine education from the experts.
  • Access to all the marketing tools for running your business.
  • Business resources and community support.
  • Up to 25% off in case of personal purchases.

In addition, if you want to start a business, there are different expenses for it. One Hope Wine MLM has three business starter bundles. Choose one of them and get your foot in the door. These bundles with their fee structure are

  • Business Builder: This business bundle is without wine. You can start with it at $198.
  • Starter Kit 6-Pack: This business bundle provides 6 Vinter Collection wines for $248.
  • Starter Kit 12-Pack: This package contains a business bundle along with some other collections. Such as 6 wines from the Vinter Collection, 5 from the Reserve Collection, and 1 from the Glitter Collection.

Can You Make Money with One Hope Wine MLM?

One Hope Wine MLM aims to change the world through the business of wine. Although it is a challenging and time-consuming process, you can make money with One Hope Wine MLM. This One Hope Wine MLM Review will explain the methods of making a buck through wine. There are two methods of earning:

Sell Products

Every time you sell a product, One Hope Wine MLM gives you a bonus for it. You will earn 20-25% commission on all your personal sales. You can sell it through bulk orders, online purchases, and corporate gifting. The earnings through One Hope Wine MLM varies from person to person.

Recruit Members

Engaging other members with your business is another way to get rich in this MLM-based company. One Hope Wine MLM offers cash bonuses when you mentor and coach work through teamwork. The more you recruit people, the more you get chances to earn money.

Commission Chart of One Hope Wine

Compensation StructureLead CE (LCE)Senior CE (SCE)Executive CE (ECE)
Base Commission on PCV20%20%20%
Sales Commission at 1,500+PCV25%25%25%
Uni-Level Bonus3%5%5%


Good Reputation

One Hope Wine MLM has been working since 2007. So, it has a good reputation worldwide for its quality products and business strategies. Usually, MLMs stay for 4 to 5 years, but One Hope Wine MLM has a working span of more than a decade. 

Incredible membership policy

One Hope Wine MLM offers you an astonishing membership policy. The company will not deactivate your account if you don’t complete your monthly quota. Further, you don’t need to repurchase a starter kit to become part of the organization.

High Rate Commission

You can start with a 20% commission rate with One Hope Wine MLM. This commission rate is the lion’s share in contrast to other organizations. So, there are strong chances to flourish your business like a pro.


Costly Products

No doubt, One Hope Wine MLM sells good quality wine. But the fact is that it is too expensive. There are a lot of other wine products brands which are selling good quality wine. So, how can they be attractive in the case of many choices?

Limited to Canada and US

One Hope Wine is a California-based wine industry with quality beverages. So, it is available just for the United States and Canadian residents. It has no facilities for the people living outside these countries.

Saturated Market

Wine marketing is undoubtedly one of the most common businesses of MLMs. We can say that beverage industries have much competition around the globe. So, there are limited chances to compete with many market competitors. It is challenging to grow in a saturated market.

Is One Hope Wine MLM a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. One Hope Wine is an authentic and legit brand that sells quality wine products. There is no risk of financial scams in it. The company is paying all its affiliate workers on time. Besides, it is working with the aims it has stated about the reputation of its products.

However, if you invest in this brand, it ensures your business’s success. No doubt, a lot of people take steps back after their investment. They think it is a waste of money and time, but patience in business always makes you an able entrepreneur. So, take a chill pill because nothing ventured, nothing gained.

But before you decide on anything, bear in mind that the possibility of success in MLM-based companies is just 1%. If you want to plunge into it with a 99% of failure chances, it feels like fighting a lost battle, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts: One Hope Wine MLM Review 

Yes, One Hope Wine is a legit company with an MLM structure. However, we do not recommend you join it because being legit is not enough. All MLMs do this; they make you believe you will earn and learn without holding any experience in your bag. They claim to train the newbies so that they can earn riches by selling products and recurring people.

But is that it? All MLMs are kind of pyramid based. It means the people at the top will be able to earn a lot, but as we come down to the base, people are making hardly both ends meet. You should only join One Hope Wine MLM if you can continuously face continuous rejection. Plus, you know how to market and have a set of skills that can convince people. 

On the other way around, joining an MLM-based company such as One Hope Wine will be just a waste of money, time, skills, and resources. So sit on it before you risk your career.

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