PM-International MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

PM-International MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

We are living in a world where the value of money is becoming cheaper day by day. So we are all looking for some different means to earn more and more. If you are the one who wants to earn by selling products along with your 9 to 5 job, then our PM-International MLM Review is for you. 

An MLM company in Germany called PM-International provides health products under the FitLine brand. However, are these products distinct from the rest? We’ve reviewed PM-International MLM to discover if its profitable. Let’s dive into the review to learn whether this MLM is Money maker or Money Pit?

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PM-International MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

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My relationship with multi-level marketing or network marketing started in the late 80s. I have had involvement with Shaklee, Primerica, Amway, and, yes, the infamous Consumer Buyline. I enjoyed various levels of success. Back then, I aspired to become an MLM or Network Marketing Pro. Savvy top MLM earners would build massive downlines, breakaway, and move to programs with the most lucrative opportunities during that era. This was a common practice before many States barred those multi-level marketing schemes.

Our goal at Eve Pacific Media is to use my vast experience to benefit others with a series of reviews of multi-level marketing companies.

What is PM-International MLM?

“Behind every great achievement stands a dream that has become reality.” Rolf Sorg-  founder & CEO of PM-International AG

PM-International is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company founded by Rolf Sorg in Germany in 1993. The company’s international headquarters is based in Luxembourg, with regional Headquarters in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 

  • Type: MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
  • Owner: Rolf Sorg
  • Price: $99

FitLine is the name of the company’s brand of health products and is an official supplier to several sports teams. It has received multiple awards for its beauty and health innovation, for being top inventors, and the world’s fastest-growing direct selling company in 2022.

According to PM-International, it has:

  • 700 Million products sold
  • 45 Countries worldwide
  • 2.35 Billion US$ gross sales
  • 29 Years of experience
  • 16 Scientific experts
  • 36 Subsidiaries
  • 70 Patents
  • 4000 Sponsored children

Are PM-International Products Worth Their Price?


“Innovative products for a better, healthier, and stronger you. We develop products that clearly contribute to what everyone desires:

  • Well-Being
  • Better performance” – PM-International

Nutrient Transport Concept, a proprietary methodology used only by PM-International, is the standard method employed by the company. These nutrients are delivered at the cellular level using a patented delivery method. 

PM-International MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Image by PM-International

This technique has become so popular among athletes that the best uses many of these goods. Natural sweeteners and flavors are used in the production of these products, which are free of preservatives.

The PM-International Opportunity

Sign up

To sign up, you need to sign up through a distributor and buy a starter kit. 

Sign the Contract paper

The “contract” is made with yourself. They will ask you to sign a document agreeing to use the products, follow an exercise program, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Important points

According to PM Internation:

  1. “You can register as a business partner and sell their premium products.
  2. You have to locate new customers and get them interested in their business model.
  3. You must build up a network and steadily climb the career ladder.”

A successful concept

PM-International has chosen a distribution system that forgoes the use of traditional ways in favor of one that puts them in direct contact with the end-user. In this way, customers can learn about the product’s benefits and results directly from the source.

A fair and reliable compensation system

Those who join PM-International will have the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not they want to pursue self-employment, the flexibility to set their own work hours, and the chance to have a lot of fun while earning additional money right now.

Check out this video review of PM-International:

How Much Does It Cost To Join PM-International?

To sell FitLine products, you’ll need to buy a starter kit. You can choose from:

  1. Start-Up 25 with Activize Set: (Demo bag, sports bottle, spoon, and 2 PM-International products you can use for demos.) $99
PM-International MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Image by PM-International

You can also opt to buy one of the 2 Pool Packs:

  • FitLine Optimal Set Pack that costs $500.
  • Optimal Combo Pack worth $481.

According to the country where the kits are purchased, the prices are indicated in euros and vary accordingly. There will be additional charges that PM-International will not cover. There is no way to cover personal expenses incurred when marketing a product.

Can You Make Money With PM-International?

You begin your career as a team partner. Qualifying points are needed to progress. Ascending the levels is the key to success in this program. There are a total of 12 ranks. A major drawback of this plan is that you must purchase and use the products. Because of this, you’re a customer.

You’ll earn a 20% commission as a Team Partner. An additional 10% will be added to your recurring orders of 100 PV (points volume). In addition, as a result of your Active Manager’s group volume, which is calculated using a point system, you will receive royalties.

A single point is worth $0.50. An additional $60 will be added to your account for each person you sponsor. For an additional $481 or $500, your new recruit must purchase the Pool Pack. While considerable potential exists, it is not without cost.

Pros of PM-International (PM-International MLM Review)

Training Program

PM-International provides regular training and sales academies to its customers.

Bonuses for New Customers:

Every time you sign up a new customer for a plan, you get a bonus.

Pension Program

You can set up an extra pension for yourself once you’ve reached a certain point. They will pay for half of what you put in. This could be up to 1,250 euros a month, depending on your position.

Car Program

You can join the free car leasing program as soon as you reach the level of IMM (International Marketing Manager) as a distributor. They give you a company car that you can use for both business and personal use, and it’s in great shape.

Cons of PM-International

Buying Products:

You have to buy and use their products to gain first-hand knowledge about them.

Auto Shipment charges: 

Everyone who sells must sign up for auto shipment. This means that you have to pay for all shipping costs.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

The FDA has approved its products. But it doesn’t approve dietary supplements. 

PM Investigation:

If you agree to the terms on the Distributor application form, you agree that PM can look into your reputation. PM does, however, reserve the right to collect, process, and use personal information about your relationship with PM.

Is PM-International A Scam?

You won’t get scammed by PM-International. It’s a thriving business. A good diet and exercise are essential, but they aren’t enough to succeed here. As a distributor, you should also be aware that you will only be paid in the form of commissions. So, there’s no base salary for you. 

Final Thoughts

Selling products in your spare time can help you earn a decent income. But you won’t make as much as you think if you consider the hidden costs. The MLM business model provides the company with all the benefits and the money – not you. However, PM-International has some benefits that I haven’t seen at other MLMs, like pension plans, cars, and vacations.

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