Seint Makeup MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Seint Makeup MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

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What if someone tells you that you can be beautiful and minted simultaneously? Yes, you will like the sound of that. But let me tell you, this is a persuasion technique that Seint Makeup MLM uses to get more clients. In our Seint Makeup MLM Review, you will get to know about important facts about this MLM.

Its agents try to reach you via different social media platforms and sell you their beauty products. Not only that, they will pull your legs by asking you to be a part of this MLM and earn profit.

This is a simple technique exercised by many Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. They themselves do not spend a penny on their advertisement; instead, they ask their members to deal with the hard work. So if you do not want to be taken for a ride, read this Seint Makeup MLM Review to the end!

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Seint Makeup MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

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What is Seint Makeup MLM?

Seint Makeup MLM is a company that sells beauty products. The company claims to be a means to glorify the beauty of women. It uses the idea of maxing cream products to make it one layered, which can give you a blend-out look of full makeup face. Seint Makeup MLM  intends to design its product to provide a look that women usually get after 4 hours of makeup struggle. 

But that look can be yours with only Seint Makeup cream blush. With their unique formula, they claim to enhance the women’s natural look and glamourize their beauty. Seint Makeup MLM preaches the idea of HAC, which stands for Highlight And Contour. These beauty products are categorized below:

  • Skin Care
  • Perfumes
  • Bundles
  • Makeup
  • Palette Builder
  • Palettes & Carries

Cara Brook from Utah founded this company in 2013. Being a fashion and makeup blogger, she wanted to give the makeup industry something distinctive. Moreover, the company itself functioned as a blog till 2017, and then it became legitimate under the name of Mascara. Seint Makeup MLM is headquerated in Utah, United States.

This company was formerly recognized as Mascara, and then they rebranded it with Seint Makeup in 2020. The company states that they changed the name as the previous one did not do justice to their goal, so they decided to choose a more practical name. 

In addition, they named their company “seint” a French word for “saint” because saints were persons of complete holiness and purity. They associate their name with goodness because that is what they say they want their products to cultivate with. 

Are Seint Makeup Products Worth Their Price?

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that Seint Makeup products are pricey. Even a lip liner can cost you as much as $14. So not everyone can afford to buy its products. Now, if we look at reviews people share on the internet, they don’t seem to be much happy and satisfied with the product results. However, there are few who like them too, on the contrary. 

But according to my thorough research, many a customer has returned the products, complaining that they itched and irritated the skin. So in my honest opinion, I think Seint Makeup Products aren’t worth their prices.

Seint Makeup MLM Opportunity:

Seint Makeup MLM provides an MLM opportunity. Moreover, like most multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, they do not offer a physical center where you can go and buy their products. Instead, you can buy Seint Makeup MLM products only from their website or directly from their agents. In addition, it provides you with two income choices:

  • Recruit people and earn bonuses.
  • Sell the company products and earn a commission. 

How Much Does It Cost to Join Seint Makeup MLM?

Seint Makeup MLM offers a “pay and progress” policy. To explain, you must buy a started kit after signing up if you want to be the company’s representative. There are two choices for starter packs:

  • Basic Artist Kit:

It costs $199 and includes 2 brushes, 3 compacts, 1 perfector sponge, and 19 IIID foundations.

  • Pro Artist Kit:

It costs $399 and includes 12 eyeshades, 6 brushes, 1 perfector sponge, 23 IIID foundations, 1 milk moisturizer, and 4 compacts.

In addition to this starter kit payment, the back office will also require you to pay $11.95 as maintenance charges. So putting it together, you must at least have ($199+$11.95) $210.95 in your pocket to give it a shot.

Can You Make Money with Seint Makeup MLM?

Yes, you can earn money through this MLM model company. Seint Makeup MLM refers to its member as “artists”, and these artists earn commissions and bonuses depending on their sales and ranks. Generally, there are ten artistic rankings here. The percentage of your commission is determined by the level you are currently at and the deal you make.

To further explain, depending on the sale, your commission is as low as 25% and as much as 40%. Therefore, it indicates that you can only earn more when you rank higher on their Artistic Scale.  

Regarding Seint Makeup MLM’s compensation plan, they offer their artists different bonuses when they recruit someone in their downline with their reference link. The details are as follows:

  • Generation Bonuses:

You get this bonus when one artist of your downlines ranks up and gets an influencer rank.

  • Enroller Bonus:

When your newly recruited downline members make sales, you also get a commission. This commission is based on what they sell in a whole month. So the company pays you this bonus on a monthly base.

  • Personal Leader Bonus:

You are awarded this bonus on the sale your entire downline team makes in a month. And the company rewards you for your leadership.


No Extra Training and Samples Charges:

Marketing is an art, and not everybody is an artist. So they teach you and train you how to win the day. But the good news is you don’t need to pay extra money for it. They manage all training and sample charges in maintenance fees and help you to give it a head start.

No Monthly Sales Quota:

This one is rare for an MLM structured company that they haven’t set any monthly quota for you to be eligible for commissions and bonuses. However, to my surprise, they ask their members to sell products worth $800 during their training session if they want to be recognized as artists.


Big Investment Policy:

If you want to earn more, you will have to buy more. Nonetheless, you’re given discounts on the products, but it’s not enough to meet both ends. Furthermore, you must invest more to sign up for the company and start your career there.  

Pricey Products:

Not only you buy expensive products, but you will have to sell them at higher prices. In this diverse and saturated market, Seint Makeup MLM has to compete with well-reputed brands such as Belcorp and Avon. So if you are selling mid-standard products at high prices, you ain’t selling anything.

Is Seint Makeup MLM a Scam?

Seint Makeup MLM isn’t a scam. It’s been made legit in 2017. They provide opportunities to sell products and recruit others to earn profit. Moreover, people on the internet have admitted they have generated profit there in the long run. So is it worth joining just because it isn’t a scam? Let’s find out in conclusion.

Final Thoughts: Seint Makeup MLM Review:

Like all MLM companies, Seint Makeup MLM focuses solely on recruiting people. But, unfortunately, it seems to have the slightest care for the people who are sweating blood and tears in someone’s downline.

So in my unbiased opinion, based on my research of long hours, I’ll not recommend you to fall for the trap and join it.

As I discussed in this and other MLM reviews on my website, there are better options available to join MLM companies for side money.

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