SeneGence MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

SeneGence MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

If you have encountered a new SeneGence MLM opportunity, you will wonder whether it is legit or not, how it operates, and what are the chances of success joining it. Don’t worry this SeneGence MLM review will answer all your queries.

SeneGence MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

This company is unfamiliar to you. You probably heard about this opportunity on social media through some honbot claiming it to be the best opportunity to earn. We’ll review in detail all aspects of SeneGence MLM. After reading this post, you can rest assured whether it’s the best network marketing opportunity out there. 

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What is SeneGence MLM?

SeneGence MLM is an American multi-level marketing company specializing in makeup and skincare products. They have a product line with the name LipSense. Joni Rogers-Kante started the company in 1999 with one product (lipstick with a unique color). 

The company expanded its business and products to the international level. Now it serves in the US, Mexico, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. SeneGence MLM manufactures pharmaceutical-grade products. Their products are based on natural ingredients and have no animal by-products.  

Are SeneGence MLM Products Worth Their Price?

When you join an MLM company, your first and foremost concern is whether its products are worth their pricing. Next, you might be wondering what if they do not perform. Finally, are the products competitive enough to impress the market? These questions surely intrigue you. That’s why we’ve discussed SeneGence products below to give you a clear picture.

Some Categories of SeneGence products

  • Skincare
  • Makeup
  • Personnel care
  • Anti-aging
  • Hair care
  • Perfumes

The flagship product of SeneGence MLM is the LipSence lip color. The company claims it has exceptional qualities, unlike traditional lipsticks and colors you’ve ever experienced. Some of the benefits of LipSence color are as follows:

  • It is long-lasting for up to 18 hours
  • Water-proof
  • Smudge and budge-proof
  • It doesn’t dry out your lips

Moreover, LipSence is quite popular and has positive reviews on the internet.  Overall the company advertises what truly the product is. Although LipSence is excellent, it is a little sticker than usual lipsticks. SeneGence has too many products that aren’t mentioned here for obvious reasons. 


People have mixed reviews about the products of SeneGence MLM. So, we’ve researched on the internet to know what people think about the products. Are they satisfied with the results? Some people are surprised by the positive results of using SeneGence MLM products. But, at the same time, some complain about their side effects.

SeneGence MLM Opportunity

SeneGence is not more special than any other MLM company.  They aim to facilitate people in their daily body care and makeup. Also, they provide earning opportunities to those who want to make a few bucks in their spare time. 

You can earn with SeneGence but take a deep breath and consider whether SeneGence products are worth buying. Are the products safe? These questions help you make the right decision. 

Further, it doesn’t matter how great the earning opportunity it offers. It’s still an MLM, and you should be very careful joining such schemes. However, there are two ways in which you can earn money.

  1. Selling the company’s products and earning commissions
  2. Recruiting other people on your downline

Check out this video on SeneGence:

How Much does it Cost to Join SeneGence MLM?

Joining SeneGence MLM is simple. First, buy a starter kit to be part of the company and earn money. After that, you must pay a monthly fee of $65 to continue working as an independent distributor. Also, you can join the preferred customer program of SeneGence MLM at a minimal cost of $10. 

Can You Make Money with SeneGence MLM?

Yes, you can make money working with SeneGence MLM. Like any other MLM company, they offer commissions and bonuses on product purchases and recruitment of people in your downline. SeneGence MLM provides three ways in which you can earn money or can get discounted products. These are as follows:

  • Starting your business and selling SeneGence products
  • Preferred customer program
  • Connecting with a distributor

You can make money with SeneGence MLM in two ways:

1- Retail Profits

After joining SeneGence MLM, you can earn 25-100% profit on sales of SeneGence products. There are two types of retail sales.

  • Immediate sales income
  • Recorder sales income(subsequent sales to prior customers)

2- Commission Income

Independent distributors can earn money in commissions. Commissions are of two types. 

Downline Commission

Independent distributors qualify for downline commissions after scoring 100 PV in the same qualifying month as orders placed in their downline.

Group Sales Bonus

Distributors qualify for a Group sales bonus on the total CV of all product orders personally placed and paid for the downline in the same qualifying month minus 100 CV.

Commission Chart

Distributor Product Discount & Potential Retail Earnings

Downline Commission

1st Level10%
2nd Level20%
3rd Level30%
4th Level05%
5th Level05%

Group Sales Volume Bonus

1st Level10%
2nd Level06%
3rd Level04%
4th Level03%
5th Level02%


  • SeneGence MLM offers real products with tangible benefits. People know exactly what they are buying.
  • The company has been around for over two decades, proving its sincerity and commitment to customers.
  • The compensation plan is straightforward
  • There is no need to maintain inventory


  • You have to purchase products to earn money
  • How much distributors make is not clear
  • Saturated market
  • Some products are expensive

Is SeneGence MLM a Scam?

No! SeneGence MLM is not a scam. However, make a critical analysis before rushing to sign up after receiving a spicy script from an IBA. Whether you can survive in an MLM-based opportunity? Are your skills and personality match the marketing needs? It is essential to make an informed decision after considering all the factors. 

Again, SeneGence MLM has been in the market for the past two decades. It is not easy for an MLM company to survive this long. Thus, something special about SeneGence MLM stands out when already reputed joints exist. Therefore, there is little hope that you can earn money working with SeneGence.

Final Thoughts- SeneGence MLM Review

We’ll not recommend you to join SeneGence MLM due to their controversial business model. Generally, all the MLMs are pretty manipulative in their claims and lack transparency. Their members or IBAs are the real customers, and companies keep pumping in revenue from them. 

Furthermore, the success rate could be higher. Joining Globallee is not a quick rich scheme. It takes hard work and perseverance to make both ends meet. After reading the complete detail, let us know what you would like to do in the comment section.

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