Telecom Plus MLM Review - logo money maker or money pit

Telecom Plus MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

When we talk about MLM companies, a cluster of health and fitness-based products comes to mind. But UK based, TELECOM PLUS company came up with a new concept. In our Telecom Plus MLM Review, we will discuss some facts about this MLM.

The company offers mobile services, landline telephony, gas, broadband, and electricity. No matter what their product range is. You can utilize this opportunity to earn extra money in your spare time.

If you’re up for joining TELECOM PLUS and want to know important facts about it, you’re at the right place. In this review of TELECOM PLUS, we’ll uncover its MLM business model, product compensation, and more. Let’s get started!

Telecom Plus MLM Review - logo money maker or money pit

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TELECOM PLUS MLM was founded in 1996. Its headquarter is situated in London, England. TELECOM PLUS is a Multi-Level Marketing company listed on the London stock exchange. It is a major utility supplier. The first product of TELECOM PLUS was a ‘Routing Box’ that, when plugged into a phone socket, routes the calls to alternative networks at cheaper rates.

Its brand is Utility Warehouse (UW), and it sells products to over 600,000 customers. TELECOM PLUS has over 45000 UW partners and had claimed total revenue of £804.4 million in 2019.

The Pitch Video for TELECOM PLUS

How does TELECOM PLUS Work?

The working model of TELECOM PLUS is exactly what most MLM companies work. The two main segments of its work are

●       Customer acquisition

●       And customer management

Customer acquisition refers to the sales and marketing of products like handsets, wireless equipment, and internet routers. The customer management segment involves mobile telephony, internet services, gas, and electricity to small businesses and residential customers. Its subsidiaries include telecommunication limited, which supplies mobile telecommunication services to business and public sector customers, and gas supply limited.

These segments are achieved by direct selling and recruitment of new distributors. In the recruitment part, you’ve to recruit people to become your downline. You will earn some commission from their efforts.

Partners can organize their events. One famous event is ‘The 20K Giveaway’, which gives potential customers the chance to win £20,000 in a free prize draw while allowing Partners to introduce the benefits of UW.

Can You Make Money with TELECOM PLUS?

Yes, you can expect an income by selling their products and services. Each time you make a sale, you will get a commission of up to 40%. It requires an initial investment of 100 pounds to join TELECOM PLUS. After joining, start recruiting other distributors. 

When your referred distributors sign up other people, you’ll get a small portion of the money they earn. Also, you’ll get a customer gathering bonus of £20. But TELECOM PLUS is not transparent about its distributer’s income. No income disclosure statement arrives monthly or annually.

TELECOM PLUS MLM Review – Program Specifics

When you join TELECOM PLUS, you serve as a UW partner distributor. You have to sign-up for membership. You have to pay charges of 100 pounds with a 90-day money-back guarantee. During these 90 days, you can check the working of UW. Also, the company will refund your amount if you refer three qualifying customers.

TELECOM PLUS MLM Review – Program Specifics

It does not require any special skills to join TELECOM PLUS. Also, the company provides you with a partner who will guide you about different processes and teach you marketing tactics. During the training period, you will get

●       Marketing materials

●       CRM tools

●       Team-building tools

●       Team support and monitoring 

You have to create a list of everyone you know who could benefit from utilities. UW encourages meetings in person, although virtual contact is also acceptable.


Attractive Commission Rate

TELCOM PLUS offers a lucrative commission of 40%. You will receive a monthly income of £250- £300  per customer.


TELECOM PLUS has a proven track record. It is not easy for an MLM company to operate for 25 years.

Wide Product Range

TELECOM PLUS offers a wide range of products and services. So, distributors can earn money in multiple ways.


TELECOM PLUS s listed on the London stock exchange. This show its seriousness about its responsibility towards members.


High Cost

TELECOM PLUS is quite expensive for a starter. It charges 100 pounds, which is relatively high.

Limited Operational Range

You can only join TELECOM PLUS if you’re a resident of the UK. It limits the opportunities for business expansion.

Misleading Income Potential

UW is not clear about how much distributors can earn. There is no detail about their MLM program and compensation plan on their website. Accordion to the Guardian, the average income of distributors is way less than expected.

Poor Customer Management

UW has a reputation for being slow in solving customer complaints. Also, it had to pay £650,000 for overcharging customers on their bills.

TELECOM PLUS MLM – Program Titles

Different Program titles of TELECOM PLUS are

  1. A success plan
  2. A business for you but not by yourself
  3. A winning combination of necessary skills and values

Nowadays, fast pace changes in technology open new doors of success for proactive people ready to harness the benefit of any opportunity that knocks on their door. Today’s common trends are

  1. A rise in online business opportunities
  2. Traditional retail stores
  3. Entrepreneurship rise
  4. One-to-one marketing

Beware of Lawsuits (If Applicable)

UW failed to treat all the customers between 2013 and 2019. Ofgem, the energy regulator, was made aware of failing after an audit in 2018. The company will pay £1.5 million to Ofgem’s redress voluntary fund for its failings. The company failed to offer its customers the option of paying back charges via the voluntary installation of a pre-payment meter or offer energy advice for reducing bills.

Is TELECOM PLUS Legitimate?

TELECOM PLUS is legitimate and is even listed on the London stock exchange. It offers a wide range of products and services to increase the chances of success for distributors. Also, it offers an attractive commission of 40%. But as for any business, your success depends on your marketing skills.

This doesn’t mean the opportunity is right for you. It involves a rational and critical analysis of your values, personality type, and skills. You have to engage large masses of people to continue your growth continuously. This process is not easy for a mean gentleman.

Final Thoughts

TELECOM PLUS is a multi-level marketing company that sells fixed wires and telecommunication services. Regulated by Ofgem, it offers energy, broadband, mobile, and insurance. Although the wide product range seems decent, the problem lies with vague earning potential.

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