Thrive MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Are you looking for some means to make extra money besides your 9 to 5 job? Do you want to earn extra by Thrive? If yes, then our Thrive MLM Review is for you. In this review, we will answer all your questions about whether to join this MLM or not. From what this MLM is to its pros and cons. Let’s dig deep to explore it.

Thrive MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

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What is Thrive MLM?

Thrive is a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company that is found online at Thrive by ‘Le-Vel was co-founded by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette in 2013. They have over 41 years of combined experience in the industry. It claims to help people to achieve a healthy and high lifestyle that guarantees peak physical and mental Le-Vels in 8 weeks. 

It also helps you control your weight and appetite, build lean muscle, keep your joints healthy, improve your brain power, and keep your digestion and immune system functioning well. These supplements make up for the lack of nutrients in the modern diet.

Thrive consists of a simple process of three steps.

1. Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules

These capsules, which come in women’s (Thrive W) and men’s (Thrive M) specific formulations, are meant to be taken on an empty stomach on waking. Natural ingredients, including amino acids, probiotics, and various vitamins and minerals, are packed into the capsules.

2. Ultra Micronized Shake Mix

The Thrive premium lifestyle mix is a powder that may be added to your morning shake. This mixture has been micronized to increase the bioavailability of the various vitamins, minerals, natural plant extracts, antioxidants, probiotics, amino acids, and enzymes included in the formula. 

After taking the capsules, you should wait around 30 minutes before drinking the smoothie, as The Thrive Experience recommends. I have read many reviews (Thrive MLM Review), and this recommendation was the same everywhere.

3. Lifestyle DFT With Fusion 2.0 Technology

 The third and final component of the Thrive Experience is the Thrive DFT (Dermafusion Technology). DFT is a unique, patented advancement that infuses the skin with a separate formula, offering additional supplementation that is used with the capsules and shakes. The DFT is applied on an area of clean and dry skin and replaced daily. It is also known as the Thrive Patch.

Are Thrive Products Worth Their Price?

For those who are already committed to a healthy lifestyle, the Thrive experience can be an amazing resource in reaching their full potential. Its ingredients include green coffee bean extract, hydrolyzed collagen protein, white willow extract, glucosamine, and coenzyme Q10.

 Moreover, there are products on the website designed to meet the needs of both sexes in terms of physical make-up. After extensive research on this MLM, I concluded that scientists had reported no problems since the industry as a whole has not been investigated. No side effects are mentioned for the products either.

But when I researched it more deeply, I found few people have reported problems like rashes, gastrointestinal troubles, and headaches. Truth In Advertising ( filed a complaint with the Direct-Selling Self Regulatory Council (DSSRC) on March 11, 2020, demanding that the organization take action against Le-Vel for making false and misleading statements in advertising.

In response to this complaint, DSSRC issued a statement on August 31, 2020, saying that Le-Vel and its distributors were making misleading claims in their advertisements and promotions and that they would be taking the appropriate steps and undergoing the necessary monitoring to rectify the situation.

Thrive MLM Opportunity

By registering two (or four) new auto-ship clients and two (or four) new brand promoters who upgrade their packages within your first 14 days as a Le-Vel Brand Promoter, you can earn an additional $400 or $660, in addition to $100 in THRIVE credit and additional Fast Start Bonuses (totalling 800QV or 1600QV respectively).

It’s possible to obtain a 20% increase if you enrol 8 qualified and active promoters on your own. With the Infinity Fast Start perk, you can make money off of your downline’s upgrade purchases (up to 4 levels deep).

Le-Vel provides a 10% Infinity Fast Start Match once two separate Qualified, and Active brand promoters have joined the company. You can also win an iPad mini Bonus if you reach 4,000 QV (Qualifying Volume) in your first 30 days.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Thrive?

The Thrive products come in three packages that cost you differently depending on days and quantity:

  • 2-Week Experience
  • 4-Week Experience
  • 4-Week Couples Pack

 2-Week Experience

The 14-day package of capsules, mix, and DFTs is part of the two-week course that is meant to give first-time customers a taste of what the whole Thrive Experience has to offer. It costs $100.

4-Week Experience

you can make a better deal by opting for the standard monthly package’s four-week course rather than the shorter two-week one. The 4-Week Experience is the favorite of most serious customers. Extra shake mix worth $44 is included with your autoship and initial orders. It Costs $150 to you.

4-Week Couples Pack

The couple’s pack includes capsules (Thrive W and Thrive M) for two people to use for four weeks and a mix and DFT. For both autoship and first-time orders, the couple’s pack includes $88 worth of extra shake mix. It costs $300.

Can You Make Money with Thrive?

The Le-Vel Thrive product line costs between $100 and $300 each month on an auto-delivery plan. Commissions are paid on both:

  1. Sales you make
  2. Sales your recruits make

You’ll earn 20% from your own sales, 12% from the first level of your downline, and 4% from the second and third levels. You can also get a free Thrive product gift monthly if you set up auto-ship for at least two of your customers. 

As part of a team, you can also get a Uni-Level Team Commission and a Matching Bonus for Team Commissions. To start earning commissions, all you have to do is get Qualified and stay Active.

This is easy to do by buying or selling something that costs 100PV ($100). You meet the requirements if you make 100 PV in sales, either all at once or over time. At least 100 PV in sales or purchases each month will keep you active. You can also win an iPad mini Bonus if you reach 4,000 QV (Qualifying Volume) in your first 30 days

Pros of Thrive:

  • Thrive helps you with weight loss, digestive health, healthy aging, and brain and immunological function.
  • Le-Vel Thrive is a legitimate business.
  • They have been granted 30 patents.

Cons of Thrive:

  • Children under the age of 18 and nursing or pregnant women should not take it. They should seek medical advice before taking the product if they want to.
  • It is tailored to meet the requirements of adults, not children.
  • Wearing the Thrive patch may cause rashes in persons who have highly sensitive skin.

Is Thrive a Scam?

No! It is not a scam. Making money with this program is possible, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. There is a lot of effort to perform at the outset. There is no assurance of success, and, most significantly, the actual commissions are quite low.

There’s nothing wrong with putting more work up front and getting paid later. But what if you work hard for three months and only get a $50 commission at the end? It’s not really worth it.

Final Thoughts: Thrive MLM Review

Thrive MLM is created to enhance both male and females’ mental and physical health. This MLM generated $10 million in revenue within its first year. Moreover, Le-Vel has broken $1 billion in lifetime sales in less than 5 years after its founding. 

Instead of encouraging people to become Promoters as many direct selling companies do, Le-Vel would rather have them try the product and become consumers. It has a 4.7 stars rating at the time of writing the article.

As I discussed in this and other MLM reviews on my website, there are better options available to join MLM companies for side money.

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