What is the Best Website Builder for a Small Business - Making Money Online

What is the Best Website Builder for a Small Business?

If you’ve ever wished of making money on the internet, there’s one golden rule you must follow: Having one’s own website. Asking a professional to build a website may cost you a lot of money. So what could be a better option? Build your own! You can build your own site and it is quite easy. I understand the next question in your mind is, “What is the best website builder for a small business?” Site Rubix is my answer.

What is the Best Website Builder for a Small Business - Making Money Online

You’ve definitely heard of Site Rubix if you’re in the market for your first website or if you’d want to manage all of your affiliate sites in one convenient location. So, what is this Site Rubix website builder, how does it function, and what do you receive for your money? Saying Site Rubix is simply the simplest free website builder would be an understatement.

SiteRubix.com, part of Wealthy Affiliate, is a website hosting platform that went live in 2007 with the aim of making website creation easier. Don’t be intimidated by all the technical lingo; creating a website with the Site Rubix platform is a breeze.

What is Site Rubix About?

Site Rubix is about providing you with the most robust website platform and cutting-edge hosting available. Whether you want to create an Amazon affiliate site or a travel blog, you can rest easy knowing that your site is being handled by professionals.

Creating a website before the release of Site Rubix was a laborious and time-consuming process, but it isn’t now. You no longer have to bother about spending numerous annoying hours trying to arrange construction blocks correctly. With Site Rubix, the normally convoluted procedure of creating a website is reduced to a few simple steps.

The Best Website Builder for a Small Business and Beginners

Site Rubix is the best website builder for small businesses. I understand that this might mean you are a newbie with no experience in the field of web development, but you don’t have to worry about that because that is what Site Rubix is meant to deal with. Now, you can create your own website in less than a minute.

With Site Rubix, you do not need to be a web developer, a genius in coding, or have any experience. All you need is to choose your domain, select a template of your choice, click on “Build it,” and let Site Rubix take care of the rest.

Don’t allow the thought of creating a website to intimidate you; Site Rubix was designed to remove any and all barriers to entry. You’ll quickly discover how user-friendly and simple it is, even for newcomers.

Although website builders like Wix make it appear as though creating a website is as simple as dragging and dropping elements into place, several users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the service online.

Even less discretion is yours to do with when you use the old Blogger website building software. You cannot modify your site’s appearance or functionality by switching themes or installing plugins.

With Site Rubix’s free version, you may create two websites and host them without spending a dime. More than three thousand WordPress themes are available for you to customize.

Feeling a little lost in the process of making your first public post? There is community support available at all times. Don’t feel confident in your current design? Participate in group discussions to learn from the experiences of other Wealthy Affiliate members and receive constructive criticism.

Whatever it takes you to build and grow, the Wealthy Affiliate program has it.

The Best Website Builder for Affiliate Marketers

Site Rubix is unique in that it is the only website builder created with affiliate marketers in mind. There are no restrictions on advertising on your website, as may be the case for some other website builders. In addition to Site Rubix, you’ll get quick access to free affiliate marketing training and a community of 800,000 like-minded online business owners.

Want to know the secrets to making your content go viral? Get the ball rolling on your first email marketing campaign or optimize your website so that Google sends a flood of visitors your way? Everything you need to know about affiliate marketing can be found in a comprehensive course, which features video tutorials, detailed guidelines, and interactive exercises.

Ideal Website Builder for a Small Business

It is understood that running a business in this advanced world means having an online presence. Whether you are a new business, or a small business, having online presence matters. You may be a small, online business only without any physical store and may ask whether Site Rubix is still the solution.

Well, the answer is yes. It is the ideal website builder for online businesses as well. When you are an online business, your website is your main source of income. That is why you need a web host that is reliable, quick, and provides round-the-clock expert assistance. That is where Site Rubix comes to the aid of online businesses.

In addition to free SSL (from HTTP:// to HTTPS://), you’ll have access to robust keyword research tools, SiteHealth monitoring, and cutting-edge servers with among the industry’s smallest downtimes. SiteSpeed caching is one of the reasons why Site Rubix is so quick compared to other hosting providers.

What Does Site Rubix Offer?

Having a solid website is like having a bedrock upon which to construct your online business. That is why Site Rubix is much more than just a website builder. You get a leg up on the competition with the use of state-of-the-art analytics and internet technologies.

You can find everything you need to create successful Amazon affiliate websites or niche websites in one location. It has never been simpler to launch a successful online storefront.

Here are a handful of SiteRubix’s capabilities for managing and expanding your business:

Site Manager

SiteManager is the area where you may make updates to your site and post new content. When you log in here, you’ll be sent to your main control panel, where you can see an overview of all of your sites.

Site Health

This feature allows you to maintain close monitoring of your internet operations. You can keep tabs on how often you’re posting and how involved your readers are on your various websites.

Site Builder

Do you have an innovative concept for a specific type of website? It takes less than a minute to make a brand new site, and you may customize it to look whatever you choose from among more than 3,000 pre-made designs.

Site Domains

Site Rubix allows you to either buy a new domain, transfer an existing one, or search for available domains and choose a free subdomain.

When it comes to managing and launching websites, Site Rubix provides everything you could possibly need. Having everything you need to manage your website in one location is not only more practical but also more financially sound.

Site Hosting

When you choose the Site Rubix platform to host your website, you can rest assured that your pages will load quickly and reliably around the clock. By outsourcing the hosting of your website, you can concentrate on growing your business without being bogged down by the technical aspects of doing so.

Site Rubix’s free plan includes two websites, complete with hosting and a domain name. Hosting for up to 50 websites on SiteRubix’s reliable and secure infrastructure is included in the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership program.

Site Comments

You can use the SiteComments platform to increase user interaction with your website. Website comments are a significant Google ranking factor, and you can also use them to boost reader engagement and trust in your content.

Site Feedback

Do you have a new website up and running? Have you modified something and care about how others see it? Do you want to know what people think about your latest post? Site Feedback allows you to do all of this and more.

In order to take your website business to the next level and enhance conversions, it is highly recommended that you seek the guidance of website makers who have been in the industry longer than you have.

Site Email

Site Email allows you to create an array of custom email addresses, all of which may be forwarded to your existing personal account. There is no restriction on the number of domain-specific email addresses you can set up.

Site Support

It is satisfying to know that the care of your website is being handled by trained professionals. SiteSupport responds quickly to inquiries and provides genuine, helpful responses. You may easily restore a website backup or ask a technical question about one of your websites at any time of day or night by opening a support ticket and receiving a prompt response.

Site Speed

Google’s PageRank, user experience, bounce rates, and ultimately conversions are all impacted by how quickly a site loads. It will be difficult to achieve high rankings on Google’s first page if your website is slow to load. SiteSpeed is the platform that stands between your website and its server, allowing your website to load extremely quickly whenever someone clicks on it.


Starting a new business, whether large or small, comes with many concerns, and having a website of one’s own is one of the key ones. Entering the world of websites, you may ask yourself, “What is the best website builder for a small business?” Site Rubix is the answer because it provides you features unknown to many other site builders that may advertise as easy but, in fact, may not be as easy as claimed. However, that is not the case with Site Rubix and I have highlighted why Site Rubix remains the best website builder for small businesses.

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