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I am Noble Woods III, your success partner. Eve Pacific Media is an affiliate marketing firm that provides support and guidance to those who are contemplating or have chosen to become content creators. We help aspiring bloggers, content creators, and affiliate marketers with their own strategies.

Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs that initial attempts at starting businesses online have failed. We are your success partners. We FAILED, regrouped, and found success! Now we will provide you with our road map!

My personal story gave birth to this mission. I am a former U.S. Marine, serial entrepreneur, and investor.

During the pandemic, I realized the potential in the Digital Marketing space and wanted in. My short-sided research and blind ambition led me to purchase a “Done For You” Digital Marketing agency. I will not bash any business models but DO NOT think about purchasing anything “Done For You” WITHOUT vetting the entire program. If you do not have experience in sales, then DO NOT invest in a “Done For You” digital marketing agency. Here is why.

The pitch was that the “Done For You” creation and management of Facebook ads would produce more than enough qualified leads to get the business off the ground. There were many top-tier sales and agency management training tools to prepare the agency owner for the avalanche of success. The Golden Carrot was the promise of a high-performing Closer to take over working the leads once your sales funnel was perfectly tuned to produce a regular flow of leads. The catch, you have to spend money on ads to create lead flow. If you have experience with Facebook ads, it can take some tweaking to identify your Avatar, which takes time and money.

Additionally, you are expected to invest in alternative channels to create lead flow. You are introduced to the world of virtual assistance. Again, an amazing resource when properly deployed. VAs are cost-efficient LinkedIn and Social Media marketers, but you receive the wrong leads if you are in the wrong niche.

With all the resources and freelancers that I had amassed, I found time to start an Upwork agency on the side. That didn’t produce the income stream I was looking for. But again, I still work with the amazing talent on Upwork to this day!

Noble Woods III

In the meantime, the agency owner gets their shot at attempting to pitch potential clients. If the agency owner wants to run a business, then they have to have first-hand experience in every aspect. But if you choose a saturated niche, you will definitely encounter prospects that have heard the pitch before. Therefore, if you don’t close deals, you burn up leads, you burn up cash, and you don’t earn a closer.

Savvy business mind that I am, I finally stopped the hemorrhaging at approximately $30k.

This was right before I almost switched niches for the third time and requested the creation of the third iteration of my ad campaign. All and all, I learned a ton and forged invaluable relationships with phenomenal participants in the Content Creator Economy. That lead me to pivot to Affiliate Marketing.

After thoroughly researching the space, I chose to engage in the lucrative world of affiliate marketing.

Several methods are used to earn a living in this vast industry, and they all can lead to financial fortune. There are numerous paths to failure as well. That is why I made the decision to settle on a proven methodology to focus on and find mentors that have been successful in guiding me. I had been plagued by Shiny Object syndrome, so I made a commitment and had others keep me accountable. This led me to success. Now, I can share my journey as a cautionary tale and help others avoid hiccups on their paths to achieving whatever they define as success.

Eve Pacific Media is here to help you create the perfect blog, social media posts, and even videos on YouTube. We can also help you with your SEO strategy and advise how to make your content more appealing to the audience.

We help newcomers to the Creator Economy find success in the digital world by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Register below if you are ready to have us join you on your journey.