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The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has undergone a paradigm shift due to technological advancements, becoming both more widely available and financially rewarding. So what are The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing? You might wonder. But don’t worry, we have the answer.

Affiliate Marketing - globe

There are a lot of hullabaloos these days. You can earn money by introducing people to services or products via your website, blog, or social media account. You don’t need to be a major player in the industry to make an impact. Getting folks from your link to the advertiser’s website is all you require.

This low-to-no-cost business endeavor has the potential to transform into a reliable source of internet revenue if executed appropriately. However, the most important part is to pick the right affiliate marketing niche.

In this article, you will learn about the best niches for affiliate marketing.

The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Let’s take a look at the affiliate marketing niches that generate the most revenue, so you can determine which themes have the potential to bring in the most money for you.

1.     Earbuds and Headphones

As of 2019, it is predicted that the global market for earbuds and headphones is worth $25.1 billion. Also, between 2020 and 2027, it is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 20.3%.

Unfortunately, affiliate marketers sometimes ignore this particular niche because the level of competition for high-volume phrases such as “best Bluetooth headphones” is so high. For this particular keyword, the KD score is 76, and well-known companies such as TechRadar and Wired top the SERP.

However, if you delve deeper, you’ll find that there are many keywords with lower levels of competition and traffic potential, which makes this a potentially attractive low-hanging niche.

Current Players in This Niche

Although they primarily focus on headphones, most of the competitors in this space also assess other types of audio equipment. A couple of them are as follows:

  • gets 80k searches per month.
  • Headphone Day gets 14k searches per month.
  • Headphones Pro Review gets 142k searches per month.
  • Headphonesty gets 581k searches per month.

If you are curious about why Headphonesty receives such a large volume of traffic, the answer is that the majority of that traffic travels to its instructional guides. This one about how to find a lost or forgotten AirPod case alone gets about 41,000 search views every month.

On the other hand, it drives a significant amount of traffic to the affiliate pages. According to research, URLs that contain the words “best,” “review,” and “versus” receive an estimated 209,000 search views per month.

For the other players, it’s the same story. Headphones Pro Review is expected to receive 86,000 search hits per month on similar types of pages, accounting for roughly 60% of total traffic. Furthermore, there are just 106 pages that are generating this much traffic.

But if you check out these websites, you’ll see that the tale hasn’t changed much: they don’t offer anything noteworthy. With the notable exception of Headphonesty, most affiliate content is standard information based on research rather than personal experiences.

This is not necessarily a negative thing; some of the items on these websites appear to be well-researched. However, this gives a determined affiliate marketer another chance to stand out from the crowd and take the spotlight for themselves.

Expected Earning

Unfortunately, the commission rate for headphones sold by Amazon is only 3%. Fortunately, some other alternative affiliate programs offer more commissions, and they are as follows:

  • Commission rate of 8% is offered by 1more.
  • Commission rate of 4% is offered by Walmart.
  • Commission rate of 2% is offered by Adorama. Sure, this is lesser than what Amazon offers, but the average order amount on their site is $500.
  • Commission rate of up to 8% is offered by Target.
  • Commission rate of 8% is offered by B&H Photo Video.

There is an opportunity to broaden your product offering beyond headphones in the future because several of these also sell other types of audio equipment.

2.     Travel Car Seats

Although it might sound like an insignificant market, there are numerous thousands of searches for travel car seats conducted every single month.

Current Players in This Niche

Even though the category appears to have few opportunities for expansion, a surprising number of low-authority websites are pulling in a significant quantity of monthly search traffic:

  • The Best Hub for Car Seats gets 36.9k searches per month. 
  • Car Seat for Travelling Mom gets 75.9k searches per month.
  • Car Seats for Safe Rides With Kids gets 42.2k searches per month.
  • Protective Car Seats That Can Be Converted gets 69.5k searchers per month.

If we look at the Top Pages report for the first website, which is the one that receives the most visitors, we can see that the website in question has fewer than a hundred pages in total. Despite this, it receives over 75,000 organic visits every month.

Even more intriguing is the fact that more than 50% of this traffic is sent to just 29 associate pages, all of which contain the words “best,” “review,” or “versus.” in their URLs.

The majority of the remaining 70 pages consist of instructional aids, such as the following list of suggestions for traveling with a child safety seat. This is a promising sign because it indicates that you must develop only a small number of affiliate pages to bring in focused affiliate traffic.

Expected Earning

You can market Amazon products, which offers a commission rate of 3% on sales of baby products, just like you would in any other area. There are a few other supermarkets and superstores besides Walmart that provide marginally greater commissions. However, if you start looking into affiliate networks for certain brands and products, you will see that your commissions go up a lot.

The following is a selection of the possible choices:

  • A commission rate of 3% on all baby products sold is offered by Amazon.
  • A commission rate of 4% is offered by Walmart.
  • A commission rate of 10% is offered by
  • A commission rate of 10% is offered by MiFold, with up to 12% for special offers.
  • A commission rate of 10% on sales is offered by

3.     Hotels with Jacuzzis

According to Keywords Explorer, there are around 41,000 searches made each month in the United States for the phrase “hotels with jacuzzi in room.” Also, the page that ranks first for this phrase gets about 150,000 visits per month, which is a lot.

That’s a significant number of people who are looking for hotels that include hot tubs, and there are many more people looking for essentially the same thing through less cutthroat means.

Current Players in This Niche

Several low-authority websites in this niche get decent traffic, which are as follows:

  • Hotels With Hot Tub In Room gets 88.3k searches per month.
  • Hotel With Spa gets 22k searches per month.
  • Hotels With Jacuzzi gets 49k searches per month.
  • Room Tubs has 64.2k searches per month.

According to a site’s Top Pages report, most traffic is directed to specified regions. The material on most of these sites is essentially the same. Several hotels nearby have hot tubs, and their websites give a short description, a few pictures, and a link to an affiliate for “more information and prices.”

Similar content can be found on certain sites in the niche. These sites, like vacuum reviews, are unattractive and lack a distinctive identity. They’re as simple as they come. This is a golden opportunity for affiliate marketers willing to invest time and effort.

Expected Earning

Many travel sites keep their commission rates secret, and some will only tell you what percentage of their commission you get. This is not especially useful, as nobody knows exactly their commission rate. The following are a few well-known travel websites that have affiliate programs:

  • Commission rate of 50% is offered by Kayak.
  • There is no mention of a commission rate on, but the majority of the existing players in this sector are pushing this program.
  • A commission rate of up to 6% is offered by Expedia.
  • A commission rate of 4% is offered by
  • A commission rate of 5% is offered by Agoda.
  • A commission rate of 50% is offered by TripAdvisor.

4.     Golf Equipment

It’s estimated that the golf equipment industry is worth $6.51 billion. As a result, there are many searches each month for the best golf equipment.  For example, the term “golf simulator” receives 54K monthly searches, yet most of the leading 10 results are affiliate posts outlining their personal favorites in the category. A few come from sites with a low authority rating.

Current Players in This Niche

There are a lot of low-to medium-level affiliate sites with “OK” content in this market, just like in previous categories. Some examples are as follows:

  • Golfer Logic gets 27k searches per month.
  • MyGolfSpy gets 342k searches per month.
  • The Left Rough gets 253k searches per month.
  • Golfstead gets 118k searches per month.
  • Golf Influence gets 72k searches per month.
  • Golf Logic gets 27k searches per month.

It appears that no one but Golfalot and MyGolfSpy tests products personally but studies technical specifications and consumer reviews. This isn’t a problem in and of itself because golf equipment is so expensive that you can’t count on a regular affiliate marketer to give you an in-depth review.

If someone takes the time to research and assess the products themselves, it might be a great opportunity to establish a definitive website that people will turn to for their golf equipment needs.

Expected Earning

You can market Amazon, which has a 4% profit margin for golf equipment, like most categories. In contrast, commissions for specialized online golf retailers are much greater. To name a few, here are a few examples:

  • A commission rate of 6%-9% is offered by Callaway Golf.
  • A commission rate of up to 5% is offered by Rain or shine golf.
  • A commission rate of 8%-11% is offered by The Indoor Golf Shop.

5.     Zero Waste

In recent years, the number of people searching for zero-waste items has increased significantly. In any case, this isn’t the most lucrative market segment there has been. Although it’s competitive, it still has respectable earning potential.

Current Players in This Niche

A sampling of those in this field:

  • Green Citizen gets 101.8k searches per month.
  • Sustainable Jungle gets 114k searches per month.
  • Zero Waste Memoirs gets 21.5k searches per month.
  • The Good Trade gets 521k searches per month.
  • Going Zero Waste gets 86.7k searches per month.

This site, Sustainable Jungle, receives over 75% of its traffic from affiliate links, according to its Top Pages report. Nevertheless, the vast majority of that traffic is directed toward one single page devoted to listing the greatest online thrift retailers. This post still contains affiliate connections.

There are 27K average visitors to affiliate postings, even if we exclude this one. Content-wise, it’s deja vu, with affiliates writing about products they’ve researched instead of having their own hands-on experience. You can simply outrank the competition in terms of content quality by doing your own product review.

After getting some attention, you might be able to get many zero-waste companies to send you free products to try out.

Expected Earning

Eco-friendly firms with affiliate programs have significant commissions, which is the best part of this market. To name a few, here are a few examples:

  • A commission rate of 5%-10% is offered by Greenup.
  • A commission rate of 10% is offered by Cloudpaper.
  • A commission rate of 5%-8% is offered by Earth Hero.
  • A commission rate of 20% is offered by Etee.
  • A commission rate of 12%-16% is offered by JungleCulture.


Passive income is important, and there is no doubt that affiliate marketing will continue to grow popular. Some of the most critical decisions you’ll have to make as a new entrepreneur are which successful niches to focus on.

Most of these niches appear to be very limited in scope, yet this should be viewed as a positive quality. It indicates that you won’t have to compete and work hard to rank higher than the major players. Keep in mind that after you have established some kind of authority, you will have the ability to extend and enlarge your audience.

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