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What is a Done For You Digital Marketing?

Is owning a Done For You digital marketing agency a sensible investment if you don’t have the necessary marketing skills and technical know-how to run a digital marketing campaign?

Done For You Digital Marketing - a cartoon of all digital marketing channels

The phrase “Done for You” (DFY) could be equally replaced by the word “Outsourced.” Therefore, Done for You digital marketing is simply your digital marketing requirements/needs that you have decided to outsource to a third party that can help you do it. The third party could be a digital marketing agency or your business partner who is knowledgeable in digital marketing. Therefore, a DFY Digital Marketing Agency outsources parts of its operation to scale or be more efficient.

This concept sounds like an M&A investor’s dream! When you are buying, scaling, holding, and/or selling businesses, that seems to be the next step in the evolution of the rapid expansion of a marketing firm. That is exactly what I thought when I discovered that there was a Digital Marketing Agency willing to sell you services to scale a digital marketing agency. The concept was remarkable, but is it all that it is cracked up to be?

Here is a fantastic video that explains all the components that are involved in digital Marketing:

What does Digital Marketing Do?

Some of the benefits of Done-for-You digital marketing include but are not limited to the facts highlighted below:


Outsourcing your digital marketing needs will bring the right expertise to your advertising or marketing campaigns and the technical knowledge you lack. An experienced digital marketer knows what to do to scale your campaigns to produce desirable outcomes. You should select only the suitably qualified digital marketer who has verifiable track records and has helped a similar business in your industry or niche. Nowadays, digital marketing agencies specialize in various fields. So, suppose you are marketing your real estate offerings through a digital agency specializing in promoting tech products/services. In that case, it may take you a long time before your marketing campaigns can produce any tangible results.


We all understand that time is money. Running digital marketing takes time. Setting up a campaign to frequently tweaking it to obtain the best results may take you hours or even days. Outsourcing the entire marketing procedure to a third party can take away those burdens from your shoulder and give you more time or leverage to manage the whole business. Instead of struggling with digital marketing campaigns that you genuinely have no clue about how to do work, a Done-for-You digital marketer can lift that heaviness off your mind and smile instead.


Unlike traditional marketing, which requires paying the total sum to run your radio or newspaper advertising, an excellent Done-for-You digital marketer can give you an affordable pricing structure. For instance, you may be asked to start with just one digital marketing campaign. And if that ad gets some traction, you may be asked to double down on the same ad to achieve better ad performance. You can gradually scale your digital marketing ads by how much money you can afford. Isn’t that helpful, especially to small-and-medium business owners who can fork out $10,000 to $20,000 one-time payment on traditional advertising?

What does a Done-for-You Digital Marketing program do?

Take all the services mentioned above and perform them for a digital marketing agency. There you have it! A marketing agency has the needs that all businesses have. The lifeblood of any business is the purchaser of its goods and services. A digital marketing firm is no different. If they have no leads, they have no clients. If they have no clients, they don’t exist. So, the number one service the DFY marketing enterprise offers is Lead Generation.


To generate leads for multiple niches successfully, the DFY agency must use multiple channels to source leads. Or do they? Some business models just purchase Facebook ads and urge their clients to find other lead sources to complement the DFY service.

LinkedIn is a favored hunting ground to source leads for professional clients and coaches. A DFY agency may offer to source leads from this major platform and then outsource the work to overseas Virtual Assistants.

The other popular channel for sourcing leads for Digital Marketing agencies is Social Media. Social Media is a significant source of potential customers for any business and is a must-have for any digital campaign. The DFY agency may offer this as another upsell and outsource it as well.

Is It Worth the Investment?

The bottom line is the quality and integrity of the DFY Digital Marketing service provider is the determining factor. If you outsource, your lead generation needs to a mediocre digital marketer that only markets to other marketers, you get what you get. If a Digital Marketing Agency can’t source its own leads, why is it business sourcing leads for others? I’ll just leave this right here.

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