Affiliate Programs For Beginners - Kids working on a laptop

The 9 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

Finding the perfect affiliate programs for beginners is one of the hardest things to do when starting an affiliate marketing business. Given this abundance of options, it’s easy to see why affiliate marketing has become so popular. So here I have a list of The 9 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners.

Affiliate Programs For Beginners - Kids working on a laptop

If you pick the wrong affiliate program, it might set you back months. But if you pick the right one, you could make affiliate bucks before your site is complete.

Because of the frequency with which this inquiry is posed, let’s spend some time in this piece discussing the 9 best affiliate programs for beginners. The time for talk is over; let’s get to work.

The 9 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners

1.     Amazon Associates

When it comes to affiliate marketing programs, the Amazon Affiliate Program (also known as the Amazon Associates Program) is one of the most established options available. And it’s enormous, covering all the items they offer for sale on their website.

If you can locate a product on Amazon, you may sell it and earn a commission. Books, bullhorns, and everything in between is all fair game because they all cater to different demographics.

As a result of its user-friendliness, particularly when making your first affiliate link, Amazon’s affiliate marketing program is often the first place we direct new affiliates (s).

Commission Rate: Varies based on the product category

Cookie Duration: 24 hour

Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, and gift card

Products: Various

2.     Fanfuel

Wolfson Brands, a business focusing on items for the health and fitness sector, has an affiliate division called FanFuel. They differ from their rivals because professional athletes and social influencers that are interested in health and fitness use and promote their products.

However, their product line includes cosmeceuticals, hair loss remedies, and nootropics to improve cognitive function. As a result, your product selection can appeal to a variety of markets and niches.

Additionally, since there is no affiliate network in the middle to reduce your commissions, you can make more money from their deals.

Compared to many of the other affiliate programs reviewed here, their 40% commission rate is the highest payout available to affiliates promoting their offerings.

Commission Rate: 40% a sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Payment Methods: Payoneer, PayPal, bank transfer

Products: Health products

3.     CJ Affiliate Network

As far as affiliate marketing networks go, Commission Junction is said to be the largest in the world. New affiliate marketers should be able to identify a few programs to promote among the thousands of advertisers they represent across dozens of different industries.

Working with a designated affiliate manager is a great bonus for novice affiliate marketers. When you listen to and implement these individuals’ advice, you may take your affiliate marketing to the next level.

It has an easy-to-use interface, and there is a wealth of resources available at Commission Junction University for training.

And don’t worry about waiting for months to cash in on those hard-earned affiliate commissions; payments are made on a Net 30 basis. Commission Junction’s only significant drawback is that you require a functioning website at the time of submission.

Commission Rate: Depends on the program you choose

Cookie Duration: Depends on the advertiser chosen

Payment Methods: Payoneer, check, direct deposit

Products: Various

Check out this video, Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners:

4.     ClickBank Affiliate Program

Established in a garage in 1998, ClickBank is one of the longest-running affiliate networks. Even though it isn’t as dominant as it once was, ClickBank can provide affiliates with a steady revenue stream. Display advertisements and affiliate programs are two of the most straightforward ways to start making money in a niche.

Unfortunately, ClickBank’s digital products and their health and beauty offerings often go unnoticed due to the extra time and effort required to provide an adequate review and effective promotion.

However, the rewards come in the form of commissions for your efforts as a Clickbank affiliate. A single recommendation can earn an affiliate marketer, regardless of experience, $100 or more.

Many of these schemes also have a recurring revenue model, which means that a single sale might result in multiple payments to the affiliate over time. Any ClickBank affiliate will tell you that targeting the right audience with the right offers is the key to their success.

Commission Rate: Varies

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Payment Methods: Wire, bank transfer, check

Products: Digital products and health products

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5.     Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is a subsidiary of EIG and a leading provider of web hosting services. Since its founding in 2003, this company has become a trusted option for affiliate marketers and small businesses searching for low-cost hosting and a lucrative affiliate offer.

When compared to the other affiliate programs in this review, this one has the most potential earnings at $65+ per referral. That’s why so many marketing sites promote Bluehost. Their affiliate program is lucrative, as do those of other web hosts.

People marketing this offer can feel comfortable recommending it to newbie bloggers because it is a useful service for them.

Before creating a website or blog, individuals must sign up for web hosting. There is no downside to recommending Bluehost to aspiring bloggers and internet business owners. Promoting a large number of Bluehost purchases can provide remarkable affiliate earnings.

Pat Flynn used to regularly make $30k per month in referral fees, as evidenced by his monthly income reports. That puts it in the company of some of the most lucrative affiliate schemes.

Commission Rate: $65 a sale

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Payment Methods: Payoneer, check, and direct deposit

Products: Web hosting

6.     Semrush Affiliate Program

Semrush is widely recognized as a leading search engine optimization (SEO) platform, competitive analysis, and content promotion. Everything a marketer could need to conduct keyword and backlink research and optimize current pages of content is available in this one place.

Because of this, you can expect to see a lot of endorsements for it on SEO blogs and video channels. There is also the minor fact that Semrush likes to reward its affiliates with money lavishly. If your referral signs up for a free trial, you’ll receive $10, and if they decide to upgrade to a paid account, you’ll receive $200.

Berush is their affiliate program, and Impact Radius operates it on their behalf. If you’re an affiliate marketer with the right audience, you may make a lot of money with this offer; their top affiliates report monthly earnings of $100k+.

Commission Rate: Up to $200 a sale

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit, check, and wire transfer

Products: SEO software

7.     ShareASale Affiliate Program

ShareASale has been operating for almost 20 years and serves around 4,000 merchants. Although Awin purchased it in 2017, the ShareASale brand lives on. Their user interface may not be the most polished or user-friendly, but the depth of their product offerings sets them apart from competing affiliate networks.

If you’re interested in shopping for CBD oil and other often sought-after products, this network is a must-visit. However, you can also take advantage of a wide variety of less common services, such as setting up a business, buying seeds, or getting your teeth straightened.

If you’re attempting to become the next WireCutter or something, you might neglect these niches. ShareASale is great for new affiliates because they won’t take you off the network if you don’t earn any sales in the first 180 days.

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Commission Rate: Varies

Cookie Duration: Varies

Payment Methods: Payoneer, direct deposit, and check

Products: Various

8.     Elementor Affiliate Program

Next up on our list of top affiliate programs for beginners is Elementor, the most widely used WordPress page builder currently available. With Elementor, tens of thousands of people who don’t know how to code can have a professional-looking website without hiring a developer.

This is why it powers 8 million websites in countless industries. In addition to its accessibility, Elementor sells well thanks to its sophisticated marketing team, a steady stream of feature updates, and large and engaged Facebook user base.

Although there are several WordPress page builders available, Elementor stands out due to its superior marketing. You may confidently endorse a product knowing it will deliver the promised results. How does it stack out against the other affiliate marketing programs reviewed here?

You get 50% of the sale price, which works out to $24.50 for a single license and $499.50 for an “Agency” license that you sell.

Commission Rate: 50%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Methods: PayPal

Products: WordPress page builder

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9.     Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that makes selling online easy for any size business or brand. And you don’t have to be tech-savvy, hire web developers, or worry about any of the other hundreds of things that may go wrong with a new online business.

Instead, your site visitors can select from a range of plans that start at $29/mo and go up to $299/mo, which is a fraction of the cost of a fully customized online store.

For this reason, over 1.7 million businesses rely on Shopify. Their global recognition and trustworthy reputation also make them an attractive affiliate program.

Consequently, you won’t waste time introducing Shopify to your audience. Instead, you might focus on selling them by highlighting how simple it is for businesses to set up an eCommerce store on their platform.

200% of the revenue generated from a customer’s first two payments is being offered as a commission through this affiliate program. Plus, you can get passive income with each referral and ‘Plus’ upgrade. That’s a huge advantage over the majority of other affiliate marketing schemes out there.

Commission Rate: 100% on the first two payments

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Methods: PayPal

Products: E-commerce solutions


That wraps up our list of the best 9 affiliate programs for beginners to advertise on their affiliate sites. Although this is by no means a final list, and many other programs exist besides those mentioned, the point is to show that beginners can achieve impressive results by targeting the right program. Read my article How Much Do Beginner Affiliate Marketers Make?

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