Make Money Online: ClickBank Review

When discussing the many affiliate networks available, many people like to bring up the name ClickBank as an example of an affiliate network that is a fraud. That is why we have crafted this comprehensive ClickBank review, for you.

The vast majority of these assertions, on the other hand, originate from users who have just recently begun making use of the network. Additionally, the affiliate network has a great deal of favorable feedback available. So without further ado, let’s explore it.


What exactly is this ClickBank?

ClickBank has been in operation for over 17 years, during which time it has amassed over 200 million clients and developed a well-deserved reputation for dependability. According to the information provided on their website, it would seem that they are one of the top 100 internet merchants.

Not everything you’d expect from an affiliate network is here. The items that were produced by businesspeople from all over the world are the primary focus of the firm.

Is Clickbank The Most Effective Platform Available To Affiliate Marketers?

As part of our analysis of ClickBank, I’d like to highlight some of the following aspects of ClickBank that I find very impressive:

To begin with, it has a well-developed affiliate program in place. They have been around for a very extended period. Even though many aspects of the site remain stuck in the year 1998.

In addition to that, there is a sizable online community. ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate network websites available on the internet, and it has a wide variety of electronic items available for purchase in almost all markets. Many items can be relied on, even though locating them may need some investigation and some additional time.

You will also find a knowledge base that is properly documented and is available to product makers, sellers, and affiliates alike. The payment method used by ClickBank is dependable. They provide recurrent payments on an automated basis for affiliate items. Additionally, payments are paid on time the majority of the time.

In addition to that, it offers control over payments. You can specify the minimum required payment. When it comes to reporting and research tools, as well as a variety of helpful and strong product insight tools, ClickBank offers its customers a wide range of these resources.

The vast majority of trustworthy goods sold via ClickBank come with a money-back guarantee. This is an outstanding selling factor, and it might assist enhance the conversion rate of your affiliate sales.

Finally, there is a place where you can learn how to be successful as an affiliate marketer in general as well as with ClickBank. This place is called ClickBank University. Check out Eve Pacific Media an affiliate marketing agency that helps content providers. They support budding bloggers, content providers, and affiliate marketers.

Check out this video overview of ClickBank:

How to Make Money Online with ClickBank

Making money on ClickBank won’t be simple, particularly in the beginning, but it’s a worthy endeavor, so you shouldn’t expect it to be. You’ll need imagination, the willingness to learn via trial and error, and persistence if you want to make a lot of money selling ClickBank items. Here are four suggestions that can assist you in getting started:

1. Don’t get preoccupied with things like gravity and sales dollars

You shouldn’t necessarily put your attention on the product that has the greatest gravity or the highest average dollar amount each sale. The level of competition for programs that have very high Av$/Sale is increasing. They also often have a lower likelihood of becoming Christians. Those who are now undecided are more likely to become believers.

2. Make sure that your offer contains relevant material

To have a good affiliate offer, context is necessary. The best location to advertise the deal may be on a high-performing blog post, in a newsletter, or on a page of items that we suggest.

Make it very apparent that you are not only providing a list of resources, like the majority of WordPress websites do. Create a post that compiles all of your suggestions. This gives the impression that the endorsements were earned naturally. You have the option of developing a unique piece of material to go along with certain offers.

3. Ensure that the target market and the product are a suitable fit for one another

When hundreds of eye-catching items are laid out before you, it’s hard to resist the urge to promote any program that happens to be one of the best sellers. Here are two good reasons to put up a fight:

  1. If the offers you provide aren’t relevant to the people who visit your site, you won’t generate any revenue. You will, in the end, feel sorry that you allowed yourself to be “misled” by ClickBank’s gurus.
  2. If your offerings don’t connect with people, you will eventually tire down your audience. This will result in a condition known as “offer blindness.” Any more offers will not be considered. In due time, people will no longer put their faith in you.

Be sure to participate in programs that will be beneficial to the audience you have. Everyone comes out ahead. Your audience will thank you for the wonderful product suggestions you provide. You should plan on having a very profitable time.

4. Establish a channel on YouTube

There are many different approaches to ClickBank affiliate marketing, the majority of which are concentrated on email marketing (the process of creating and sending emails to one’s list of subscribers), social media promotion (the practice of sharing affiliate links), and search engine optimization (SEO) (producing quality content to rank on Google).

Videos, on the other hand, are often overlooked as a potential source of website traffic by e-commerce experts. In particular, the website YouTube. YouTube is the second most popular search engine, and it may be used to put up a ClickBank funnel that has a high rate of conversion.


This is the procedure to follow:

  1. Ensure that you are promoting the appropriate product.
  2. Search YouTube for videos that are relevant to the product.
  3. Examining the material might help you figure out why it’s so popular.
  4. Create films on your channel that are comparable to those on YouTube.
  5. Produce a video that in some way relates to the product.

What kinds of payment methods does ClickBank accept?

You have four options available to you for receiving money while using ClickBank:


The tried-and-true method of paying, the paper check, is the only alternative available by default. Your account has the mailing address, therefore it will be sent to that.

Direct deposit

The direct deposit service provided by ClickBank is free of charge in the United States as well as in several other countries. The funds from direct deposits typically reach your account within one to two business days.

Wire transfer

You can receive payments via the use of wire transfers. This alternative is for residents of nations that are not supported by the international direct deposit service. The payment process might take up to five days (depending on where you live).


You also have the option of being paid by Payoneer. Mastercard is a free international money transfer service that may be obtained by the user. You will be able to create a bank account in the United States with Payoneer, into which your funds will be deposited.

As you can see, ClickBank provides you with a wide variety of choices. Plus:

You are not restricted to using the payment method that you have selected while using ClickBank.

At any moment, you can choose a different mode of payment. Since it is your money, you get it in any manner you like. However, possibly the new payment method will not start working for up to seven days.

You will be unable to switch payment methods for one week after changing either your email address or your password. You will be safe from crooks if you do this. You can set the minimum payment requirement as low as ten dollars.

Review of ClickBank: Is It a Fraud or a Legit Business?

ClickBank is an affiliate network that works with small company owners, in contrast to other affiliate networks that predominantly collaborate with major firms. The developers of digital items may submit their products to ClickBank, which is a marketplace, and affiliate marketers can promote those products (and earn commissions).

You can make money with ClickBank by selling products or becoming an affiliate marketer, and you won’t have to put in as much effort as an overworked office drone would.


  1. Very high commissions provide an opportunity for financial gain.
  2. They provide prompt payments to you (weekly or bi-weekly).
  3. They are easy to understand even for novices.


  1. There are quite a few undesirable things.
  2. Because of the high commissions, spammers and fraudsters are lured to the industry.
  3. The level of competition is high for crucial products.

Is ClickBank a Fraudulent Business?

ClickBank is NOT a fraudulent company. There are some issues with the quality of the ClickBank affiliate schemes. The market is flooded with overhyped and worthless items. However, this is just one side of the tale. It’s like a megastore, except inside there are all these great programs.

The best way to describe ClickBank is as a gigantic supermarket with everything in one place. Don’t like what you see? It shouldn’t be an issue at all. A different aisle awaits you. You won’t have to seek for very long to locate what you want.

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