Vestige Marketing MLM Review - the logo money maker or money pit?

Vestige Marketing MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

We’ve discussed many companies, mainly Europe or America-based, but today we will review Vestige Marketing. It is an Indian-based company that is working on the international level. It can be a good opportunity for earning money in your spare time. Our Vestige Marketing MLM Review will provide you with a full picture of this MLM.

Vestige is very popular in India, with over 1 million active distributors. Today we’re going to Review Vestige Marketing to analyze its products, market plan, and pros and cons. After going through this review, you will better decide about joining Vestige.

Vestige Marketing MLM Review - the logo money maker or money pit?

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What is Vestige Marketing MLM?

Gautam Bali founded Vestige Marketing in 2004. It is based in India and has the slogan Wealth through Wellness. Vestige operates on the principle of multi-level marketing and sells nutritional supplements and health products.

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd is the largest direct-selling company in India with over 3000+ sales outlets, multiple international offices, and distributor centers. It is ISO 9001 2015 certified and listed 36 in the top 100 global direct selling companies in the world by Direct selling news. It is a multi-level marketing company working on a commission basis.

How does Vestige Marketing Work?

Vestige sells a variety of daily use products for generating income. Its members, called distributors, perform two tasks for earning:

  1. Product purchasing and selling
  2. Recruitment

Vestige offers its members a special discount called DP (distributer discount). Prices are lower than MRP. Distributors then consume these products or sell them to customers to get retail commissions.

The challenging part is recruiting other people in the downline as the distributor. The company offers commission on the purchase of products by downline distributors to the upline. Recruitments only have no commissions. Simply, it means you have to build a network.

Can You Make Money with Vestige Marketing MLM?

Although the company issues no clear revenue disclosure statement, estimates show that the company offers 10-20% commissions on wholesale and retail sales. The way is selling products and recruiting people in the downline. It seems easy but requires lots of hard work.

The hard part of the job is that you have to keep selling and recruiting people to maintain your PV (personnel volume) levels.

Vestige Marketing MLM Review – Program Specifics

When you join Vestige, you do need to have a sponsor. But if you don’t, the company will assign you one. You also have to buy different business tools such as product catalogs, laptop bags, flip charts, and planners. You are required to read the company’s marketing plan and fully understand the opportunity when you join as a member.

Vestige Marketing MLM Review – Program Specifics

Training is conducted online. You can use the online scheduler to attend training sessions. You need to buy products at wholesale price and sell them at retail price. The difference is your commission. Also, the mentor assigned to you helps you understand the system. You start telling your friends, family, and people about your work and promote products on social media.


Established Company

Vestige has been working in the field since 2004. Almost two decades of working means the company has the potential to perform even though the competition is fierce. This does not mean you should trust the company right away, as it is still an MLM.


Compared to other MLMs, Vestige has to join fee and no renewable fees after activating your account. Anyone can join Vestige who is at least 18 years old.

Refund Policy

If you resign within 30 days of joining, the company will refund complete 100% on all your purchases.

Flexible Schedule

You can sell products anytime, anywhere. This allows you to earn in your spare time.


Saturated Niche

Like other health and fitness MLMs, Vestige is working under the radar as other well-known companies operate in this field. We can confidently say other brands offer far better and more cost-effective products than Vestige.

Costly Plan

Distributors are bound to buy their monthly quota from the company irrespective of whether they are making sales. So, they end up using all their commission money to purchase products. Also, products are expensive compared to other brands. The plan is slow, without any growth and money.

False Promotion

Like any other MLM, the bad thing about Vestige is that they make you their customer in an agent’s name. You have to buy products even though they are of low quality at a high price.

Vestige Marketing MLM Review – Program Titles

There are the following 3 Program Titles of Vestige:

1.    A plan for your success.

2.    In business for yourself, but not by yourself.

3.    Four cornerstones for success: a winning combination.

The company claims to give distributors an opportunity for continual growth and achievement. Also, earlier efforts are counted in your bonus calculations.

Four major trends are occurring in today’s rapidly changing technology, creating one of the greatest opportunities for those who positioned themselves ahead of these trends.

1. Traditional retail store.

2. Rise in online sales.

3. One-to-one marketing replacing mass marketing.

4. The rise in entrepreneurship.

Beware of Lawsuits (If Applicable)

Vestige was suspended from Indian Direct Sellers Association (IDSA) based on complaints of Amway. Amway faced a lot of legal issues in the past. Based on their complaint IDSA removed Vestige from their association. They claimed that Vestige had not followed the code of ethics.

Is Vestige Marketing Legitimate?

Yes, Vestige Marketing is legitimate and the no. 1 direct selling company in India. It is registered with the government of Kerala. Distributors sell the company’s products and earn commissions. For more income, they have to recruit new people in their downline. But most MLMs feel like a scam because you have to be both customer and distributor simultaneously. If you fail to make sails, you still have to buy products from the company.

Final Thoughts

Vestige offers a 10-20% commission on sales. But like any other MLM, it is not easy to earn enough commission from the sales that might change your life. MLM demands extraordinary marketing and convincing skills to make sales. So, make your decision after considering your personality, values, and abilities.

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