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Truvy MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

What if you can earn while focusing on your health and fitness? You will indeed feel thrilled to have this kind of opportunity. Fortunately, Truvy MLM company provides the one for you. The question is, is it right to join a multi-level marketing business model? In this Truvy MLM review, we’ll answer all your queries. 

truvy MLM

Unfortunately, the young generation often wastes time knocking around without realizing that success comes with blood, sweat, and tears. They spend their time hoping to become rich by shortcuts, but there is no easy money. That’s why MLM companies fascinate them as their gateway to success. 

However, it’s too late when they wake up from deep sleep. They realize that MLM companies are not the source to make good money. Additionally, misleading information on the internet further confuses young people. If you’re facing the same problem and ready to face reality, hang on till the end of the Truvy MLM review. Let’s buckle down. 

Who are We

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My relationship with multi-level marketing or network marketing started in the late 80s. I have had involvement with Shaklee, Primerica, Amway, and, yes, the infamous Consumer Buyline. I enjoyed various levels of success. Back then, I aspired to become an MLM or Network Marketing Pro. 

Savvy top MLM earners would build massive downlines, breakaway, and move to programs with the most lucrative opportunities during that era. This was a common practice before many States barred those multi-level marketing schemes.

Our goal at Eve Pacific Media is to use my vast experience to benefit others with a series of reviews of multi-level marketing companies.

What is Truvy MLM?

Located in Draper, Utah, United States, Truvy is a direct-selling company that specializes in weight loss and health products. The company claims to have science-backed, real-ingredient products that help lose weight by naturally assisting the body. They say that their products not only keep you fit but also improve your overall health. 

David Brown and Shawn Gibson launched Truvy back in 2014 with the name Truvision. Though not much information is available about its founders, they are entrepreneurs. David Brown has years of experience in formulating the right products for customers.

Dave knows which products are better for customers and ensures their availability at affordable prices. According to the official website of Truvy, “Truvy makes weight loss and healthy life easier while avoiding pseudoscience and trendy health fabs.” They claim that their products are 100% natural.

However, bear in mind that there is no proof of their claim. Also, Truvy changed its name from Truvision to Truvy recently, but there is no information on why.

Truvy gives people an earning opportunity by joining it as associates and buying product kits. Although the company operates from Utah, US, its primary traffic comes from the United Arab Emirates and India. Members of Truvy make money by selling products and recruiting new members. 

Are Truvy MLM Products Worth Their Price?

Being a member of Truvy MLM, you have to sell its products and recruit other people to earn money. In his scenario, you surely have questions related to their products. And the questions are:

  • Do their products function the way they claim? If that’s right, explain how.
  • Is the brand worth marketing?
  • Do the products justify their prices?

When it comes to different products of Truvy MLM, they include weight loss and health wellness. The following are the main categories of products with their pricing:

  • Weight loss

Tru+ & Vy 24-Hour Kit ($129)

Tru+ & Vy 30-Day Kit ($98)

Tru+ All in Kit Hers ($359)

Tru+ All in Kit His ($359)

  • Vitamins and Supplements

            reNU® Detox ($22)

            His and Her’s Dailies Pack ($115)

            Truvy truFIX® ($34)

            Mental Essentials™ 15-Day ($39)

            Mental Essentials™ 30-Day ($63)

            Mental Essentials™ Tri-Fold 5 pack ($135)

            Mental Essentials™ Tru+ Lifestyle Pack ($139)

            Mental Essentials™ w/ H&H Super Drink ($99)

            Letric Combo (1 Cream, 1 Capsule) ($85)

            Letric Capsules ($68)

            Letric Muscle Rub ($19)

            Balance ($29)

            Tru™ ($43)

            TruSLUMBER Gummy (US) ($25)

  • Protein

           Truvy Protein Shake ($49)

           Truvy Protein Shake Combo ($98)

  • Patches

           VIBRANT Patch (Emotional Support) (US) ($75)

           HARMONY Patch (Progesterone) ($49)

  • Hydration

           H&H™ Super Drink Magical Unicorn ($39)

           H&H™ Super DrinkH&H™ ($39)

           Super Drink Nanaberry ($39)

           H&H+™ Super Drink ($39)

           TRUFIX® DRINK ($32)

           H&H™ 3 PACK ($110)

           H&H+™ 3 Pack ($129)

The working of products is somewhat confusing; some customers claim that products work for them, and some have reservations. None of the products is FDA-approved. However, the pricing of Truvy is fair compared to competitors. Hence, some of the products are worth buying while others are not. 

Check out this video review:


People have mixed reviews related to Truvy and its products. Below are some of the reviews we’ve compiled after researching from internet:

Truvy MLM Opportunity

Like any other MLM company, Truvy MLM offers its users an opportunity to make a living. Before you take the bait, let us warn you that it’s not a piece of cake to earn money working as an associate of Truvy MLM. You’ve to work day and night just to remain hands to mouth.

In the case of Truvy, it is better to blame its MLM working model. At the same time, the company reaps the benefits with both hands as you must buy a fixed product quota every month to continue your membership. 

Truvy MLM does not advertise its products; instead, they offer commissions to sellers who market its products. Whatever the case is, there are two ways in which Truvy MLM lets you generate income. These are

  • Buy the company’s products and sell them with a margin to earn a commission.
  • Second, recruit more and more people in your downline to earn bonuses.

Doesn’t it look like a very clever strategy on the company’s part to keep pumping revenue? MLM companies do not care about how many products you sell; they expect you to keep buying and recruiting more and more members. 

Unfortunately, the MLM model of earning money is not sustainable. You’ll run out of people to recruit them. Hence, you cannot make enough income only by selling products. So, you better give it a second thought before committing to Truvy MLM.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Truvy MLM?

In order to join Truvy MLM, you need to pay a monthly fee of $35. Not only this, you need to buy a business starter pack with a price ranging from $125 to $159.  When you become an associate, you get a 20% discount on products and earn money. 

Prices are not limited to a monthly fee and fixed purchase of products. Associates need to maintain a 100 PV monthly to be eligible for commissions and bonuses. After adding monthly volume costs, the expense is 

                        $35+$125-$159+$100= $260- $294.

Furthermore, miscellaneous costs are also involved. These are marketing, travel, gas, food, and training costs. Joining Truvy is risky, especially if you’re unsure about your personality and skills to achieve enough sales and recruits to maintain cash inflow. 

Can You Make Money with Truvy MLM?

Yes, you can make money if you have the will and skill set to attract people. Although the probability of making money with MLMs is only 1%, you can still succeed with patience and the proper methodology. Let’s have a look at the compensation plan of the company.

Retail Difference

You can earn profit by the difference between the associate price and the customer price at which you sold the product. To understand this, look a the below equation.

Customer Price – Associate Price = Your Profit

First Order Bonus

You’re eligible for this bonus in the first two months after qualifying through orders of 75 PV. Associates get this bonus for up to four generations with 100 Total Qualifying Volume (TQV). 

Go Bonus

If you achieve the first three ranks, you are eligible for a Go Bonus of $500.

Uni-Level Bonus

Downline purchases generate a Uni-Level Bonus for commission-qualified associates in the upline.

Matching Bonus

Truvy gives a 10% match on all Personally Sponsored Associates that generate a Uni-Level Commission check to encourage teamwork.

New Volume Pool (NVP)

New Volume includes NVP 1000 and NVP 2500. So, to qualify for NVP, you need 1000 and 2500 PV points, respectively.

Global Bonus Pools 

This Bonus is as follows.

Eight Plus Star Pools

It includes 1% of the total worldwide commissionable CV. Only 8 Stars and above ranks are eligible for this bonus.

Commission Chart

The breakdown of ranks and qualified levels upon which an associate receives commissions is given below. 

Pros and Cons


  • Includes many science-backed products 
  • Fair prices compared to competitors
  • Cheaper products, when bought in combo packs
  • Offers 90% refunds


  • Possibility of side-effects
  • Limited information about ingredients
  • Not BBB accredited
  • Complaints of customers

Is Truvy MLM a Scam?

No, we cannot say with certainty that Truvy MLM is a scam. Its products are legit and have many benefits. Many customers acknowledged that they had received benefits from the products. Also, associates working with the company receive on-time commissions and bonuses.

The MLM-based business model requires continuous recruitment, making it a risky game to continue for a long time. Moreover, it requires lots of hard work and potent skills to meet both ends. Overall, it is good to go.

Truvy MLM Review: Final Thoughts

We don’t recommend joining Truvy MLM as it is an MLM-based company. And there is very little chance that you will earn money joining it. Although Truvy has legit products to sell, the need for recruitment still makes it a pyramid scheme in disguise. 

You will fail to sell health supplements after some time selling to your friends and family. Negative reviews, confusion, and tough competition can still overpower your marketing efforts forcing you to stop working with Truvy. Your will, personality, and skills will ultimately be depleted when joining Truvy MLM. So will you put everything at stake for nothing?

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