Beautycounter MLM Review: Money Maker or Monet Pit?

Beautycounter MLM Review: Money Maker or Monet Pit?

If you’re passionate about skincare and makeup, you’ve probably come across Beautycounter. But do you know how it works? Or whether it’s legitimate or not? Well, in this Beautycounter MLM review, I will help you make the most of this online store.

Whether you want to make money with it or shop for authentic products, scroll down to know every detail about Beautycounter.

Beautycounter MLM Review: Money Maker or Monet Pit?

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What is Beautycounter?

Founded by Gregg Renfrew in 2013, Beautycounter is an out-and-out skincare and cosmetics brand based in the USA (California). ‘Clean beauty’ is their central concept; hence, they don’t use toxic ingredients in their products.

The brand strictly avoids chemical substances that are harmful to the skin and the environment. The wide range of hair and skin care products from Beautycounter includes vegan and cruelty-free cleansers, face oils, moisturizers, serums, body washes, shampoos, and more.

And you’ll find all kinds of natural makeup products like concealers, mascara, lipstick, brushes, etc. The quality is quite impressive, but the price is a bit expensive.

Is Beautycounter an MLM?

The official website of Beautycounter describes it as a ‘direct to consumer’ brand. It means they sell directly to the consumers without involving any third-party vendor or reseller. But, the brand functions as an MLM (multi-level marketing). They have a massive network of consultants who earn commission by recruiting other consultants.

How Does Beautycounter Work?

As I mentioned above, Beautycounter functions like other MLM companies such as Avon, Monat, Amway, and others. As a direct sales company, it doesn’t give a salary to the consultants but a small commission from their sales. If you become a consultant of Beautycounter, you can earn by recruiting new consultants as they start to sell the products.

The whole network marketing of Beautycounter continues on multiple levels. That’s why I’m calling it a multi-level business.

You can consider its diagram as a triangle. Suppose you join their team and you recruit 15 consultants; you’ll start earning as these 15 new consultants begin to advocate and sell the products. It’ll continue down as these 15 consultants recruit other new consultants.

In this structure, you’re on top of the triangle. You’ll make a commission from all of them. You’ll be called their upline, and they’ll be called your downline. That’s how Beautycounter works.

Check out this video that explores the Beautycounter commission structure:

Can You Make Money from Beautycounter?

Yes, you can make money by becoming a consultant for Beautycounter. Their compensation plan is much easier than I found the other MLM’s compensation plans to be. But, the process is pretty much the same as others. Here’s a breakdown of how you can make money from Beautycounter:

1.      Get Retail Commission

The first way is the simplest, but the commission is relatively low compared to other bonuses at Beautycounter. As a Beautycounter consultant, you can start selling its products to buyers. On every product that you sell, you get a 25 percent commission.

Let me clarify with an example. Suppose you sell a Beautycounter Big Shine Duo mascara priced at $53. The commission you’ll get will be 25 percent of the price, i.e., 13.25 US$. This is how the retail commission works. The more you sell, the more profit you earn.

Now, you must wonder to whom you can sell these products to get the commission. Well, the buyers can be your team members, other Beautycounter members, non-member buyers, and even you. Yes, you’ll also get commissions when buying a product yourself.

2.      Get a Monthly Bonus

Though there’s no monthly target or challenge for the Beautycounter consultants, there’s a monthly bonus. If you’re able to sell products more than worth 750 USD in a month, the commission will be 30-35 percent instead of 25 percent. But if you can’t, you don’t lose anything.

3.      Get Commissions from Your Team

Here comes the concept of network marketing that’s making these MLMs flourish. If you want to really earn a good amount of commission, you need to make a team. The more people you recruit as a consultant, the more profit you earn.

Usually, team commission at Beautycounter ranges from 5 to 9 percent. And it’s applied to every product that your team members are selling to others or buying for themselves. To make a sustainable income from your commissions, you need to recruit as many people as possible.

4.      Get Commissions from Promotions

You can also earn commissions from the promotion of the consultants in your downline. As a consultant you’ve recruited gets promoted to a better rank in the company, you’ll get a commission worth 25-100 USD.

What’s the Difference between a Consultant and Member at Beautycounter?

Though it might seem confusing as you enter their website, the difference is very easy to understand.

A member of Beautycounter gets special offers, discounts, and other facilities but doesn’t earn a commission by selling products. If you become a member, you are included in their loyalty programs.

But, a consultant is a contracted company employee who can earn commissions on selling products.

How Much Do I Have to Spend for Becoming a Beautycounter Consultant?

Here are the consultation charges of Beautycounter:

  • Enrollment Kit: $98.00 (one-year validity)
  • Digital Enrollment Kit: $50.00 (one-year validity)

Things I Like about Beautycounter

Here are the things that I really liked about Beautycounter:

●       Environmental-Friendly Approach

They’ve brought an eco-friendly approach by declaring that the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

●       Huge Product Collection

Yes, Beautycounter has impressed me with its product selection in skin care, hair care, and makeup.

●       Good Commission Schemes

Though I’m quite skeptical about the MLM structure, the commissions are definitely higher than other MLMs.

Things I Dislike about Beautycounter

However, below are some factors that I found as downsides of the brand:

●       Makeup Products Aren’t the Best

Many users I’ve talked to don’t think the products give flawless coverage when it comes to makeup and cosmetics.

●       MLM Structure

Like I said before, the MLM structure may seem to be hierarchical to some extent.

Is Beautycounter Legitimate?

Despite all the downsides I’ve discovered, Beautycounter is quite a legit brand, and so are its products. They test their products by third-party but never on animals.

Final Verdict – Beautycounter

Beautycounter has met the criteria of being one of the most popular MLMs in the USA. Though the opportunity won’t be like a full-time or so, it’ll still hold great business opportunities for you.

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