Sisel International MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Sisel International MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Global lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak led to the shutdown of many businesses. As a result, people became couch potatoes rather than focusing on their physical and mental health. That was the time Sisel International MLM stepped into the market. The target of such companies is the younger generation that looks for easy money in and out.

Sisel International MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

We all have heard the famous quote, “Prevention is better than cure.” Many MLM companies take the opportunity to step into the health and wellness niche and sell their products to individuals. These individuals sell these products on a profit to their friends and family circle on a commission. Read this Sisel International MLM review to learn more about them.

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What is Sisel International MLM About?

Tom Mower Sr. and Tom Mower Jr., the father-son duo, established the company in 2006. Sisel in the company Sisel International stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity. Sisel International is an MLM company with a target niche in health and wellness. Initial funds of $150 million were invested out of Tom Mower’s pockets.

The company is known to have a manufacturing plant called Supra Naturals. It is said that the company manufactures products for multiple MLM companies and commercial brands like Walmart and Costco. We’re doing a brief Sisel International review in this article. To learn more about the company, read further.

Sisel International MLM Review – Are The Products Worth Their Price?

worth it? Sisel International MLM Review

As discussed earlier, Sisel International MLM has been making its name and fame in the health and wellness niche. The products range from pain relief to protein powders and whatnot. Athletes are their main targets as they’re more inclined towards protein shakes and pain relief for muscular strains.

We have compiled a list of categories Sisel International is making money with.

  • Anti-aging
  • Weight loss
  • Skincare
  • Home care
  • Dental care
  • Gel nail system
  • Sisel apparel
  • Dietary supplements

Sisel International also sells its products monthly to marketers that resell them on profits. The basis of operations is similar to other MLM companies out there.

Sisel International MLM Review- The Products

The company has a good reputation in the market, but not all good points may be true. We searched for customer responses regarding their service and products and found that Sisel International reviews are 2.9 out of 5. It raises a red flag before joining the company. We’ve attached the responses below to avoid the hassle for you.

Sisel International MLM Review
Sisel International MLM Review
Sisel International MLM Review

Sisel International MLM Reviews – The Opportunity

opportunity: Sisel International MLM Review

When it comes to making money, this Sisel International MLM review is going to give you a better insight. It might take approximately three to five years to build a stable income out of MLM companies. The opportunities or commission profile Sisel International offers is discussed in brief below.

  • Associate

A minimum monthly sales of 100 Personal Volume (PV) is mandatory to qualify as an associate with Sisel International.

  • Bronze

A minimum monthly sale of 300 PV is mandatory for a distributor to earn the bronze rank with Sisel International.

  • Silver

For the silver rank, a 600 PV monthly with at least four sponsored distributors, with two distributors on the bronze rank, is needed.

  • Gold

A sisel International distributor must have a monthly sales volume of 1200 PV, sponsor a minimum of eight distributors, and have four personally sponsored distributors at bronze rank.

  • Platinum 

A minimum monthly sales volume of 2400 PV, at least sixteen distributors, being sponsored. Moreover, eight personally sponsored distributors are required. Once fulfilled, you earn the rank of Platinum.

  • Diamond

When a distributor makes a monthly sales volume of 4800 PV and sponsors at least thirty-two distributors and sixteen personally sponsored distributors, you reach the rank of Diamond.

  • Blue Diamond

Once you hit the monthly sales target of 9600 PV and sponsor sixty-four distributors, and personal sponsors reach up to thirty-two distributors, you earn the blue diamond rank.

  • Presidential Diamond

The topmost rank requires a monthly sales volume of 19,200 PV. You need to sponsor one hundred and twenty-four distributors. At least sixty-four personally sponsored distributors are also required.

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What is the Cost to Join Sisel International MLM?

They say you need to pay $20 upfront to become a distributor. But one must guide you at that time to purchase a starter kit to be a part of Sisel International MLM. Then, once ordered, it automatically pre-orders on your behalf each month, costing you your hard-earned money.

The minimum amount of the starter kit is set at $150. Imagine you purchase a kit worth $150 each month and cannot sell it to anyone. As the process carries on, you’ll be broke soon. The starter kit includes product samples, materials needed for marketing, and access to an online training platform from Sisel International.

Can You Make Money With Sisel International MLM?

make money: Sisel International MLM Review

One thing that MLMs make sure of is that they do not publish any income disclosure statements. You must be on cloud nine after hearing all the blues about such companies offering easy money, but no income disclosure should create red flags in one’s mind.

With Sisel International MLM, they offer you to sell their products on a commission basis. But how can one earn commission and bonuses if no product is sold? The company has introduced five types of earning potentials within its system.

  • Fast Start Bonus

Sisel International MLM offers a 30% commission on the Bonus Volume of your recruit’s first order.

  • Fast Start Retention Bonus

You can earn 15% commissions from the second month from your direct distributors.

  • Direct Distributor Commissions

The commission system pays you 15% as you go down seven levels from being an associate to the company.

  • Master Check Match

This pays a 55% commission from a single generation up to four generations.

  • Luxury Bonus

This bonus gives you an incentive of up to $750 per month. The company also calls this bonus a car bonus.

Commission Chart For Sisel International MLM

Sisel International MLM Review: chart
Sisel International MLM Review
Sisel International MLM Review


pros and cons: Sisel International MLM Review
  • Range of multiple products
  • The products are well reviewed
  • The compensation plan seems fair


  • The starter kit is expensive.
  • Complex to understand the compensation plan
  • No incentives for distributors.

Is Sisel International MLM a Scam?

scam: Sisel International MLM Review

By now, you must have understood that generating money with MLM programs is not an easy nut to crack. There is an uphill climb to earn good money, as depicted in this Sisel International MLM review.

One thing that is necessary to mention here is that Tom Mower Sr. was jailed for tax evasion fraud back in 2015. The products are also highly-priced, and the commission programs complicate one’s understanding. Above all, the products are not fully approved by the FDA, so jumping the rabbit hole is not recommended.

Final Thoughts- Sisel International MLM Review

If you plan to join the MLM company, this Sisel International MLM review must help you decide it as a big no. An MLM is never a base of a steady income and certainly not the best option for a full-time income. So, quitting your stable job for MLMs is not worth your money.

This in-depth Sisel International MLM review might have helped you decide the best way. As these companies work on the pyramid structures, the top-level distributors earn through commissions. You will never achieve what you expect out of these companies. Visit evepacificmedia to learn more.

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