Tori Belle MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Tori Belle MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Do you want to utilize your spare time to earn money? You might be looking for an opportunity to satisfy your natural desire to look beautiful while making money. Well, if that’s your passion, then don’t worry. Tori Belle MLM provides you with earning opportunities by working as a beauty influencer and selling the company’s products. Read our Tori Belle MLM Review to find out how to do so.

Tori Belle MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

Though the claims of MLM companies are very fascinating, in reality earning with them is not easy. Many fall for their trap and waste precious time and money, hoping to become financially stable. Today, we’ll explore Tori Belle MLM, how you can make money, and its pros and cons. So, let’s get rolling down.

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What is Tori Belle MLM?

The start of Tori Belle MLM is quite inspirational. Its founder Laura Hunter invented magnetic eyeliner. Upon seeing stunning results, Laura started Lashliner Inc to bring her patent-pending product to market. 

The co-founder of the product Bob Kitzberger also participated in the whole process. In 2019 they started Tori Belle MLM, and it became the fastest-growing direct sales eCommerce company in just two years. So you can make money working from home and impact the world as a beauty influencer. It sounds excellent, especially for women.

Tori Belle MLM sells different products like magnetic mascara, magnetic eyeliner, and lashes. It offers free delivery across the US and is a startup company. It means it is a high-risk investment.

Are Tori Belle MLM Products Worth Their Price?

worth it? Tori Belle MLM Review

The main concern for an associate or independent affiliate is the company’s products. MLM companies promise very lucrative commissions and bonuses but wait a second. You must consider genuine questions before joining an MLM like Tori Belle MLM. 

You need to analyze whether products are worth their price critically. Are they able to compete in a saturated market? What will be their performance compared to market giants? After all, the product’s quality and the price will decide your efforts’ outcome.

Tori Belle MLM sells several products, but their flagship product is “Magnetic Eyeliner”. Laura created it himself. It is smudge-proof, waterproof, and latex-free. Moreover, it is long-lasting and has smooth gliding capability due to high-quality ingredients. Some other products of Tori Belle MLM are:

  • Magnitude spirit stackers ($25)
  • Social Butterfly Magnetude Magnetic Lashes ($25)
  • Brush Kit $125)
  • Perfect contour bundle ($49)
  • 24K Lip Gloss ($40)
  • Magnetic Spirit Bling ($20)
  • Ascend Skincare Trio ($137)
  • Eye Blender Brush ($10)

Overall, the performance of the products is good. The company is working hard to compete in the market. People think positively about the products of Tori Belle MLM, but there are complaints about their customer service.


We’ve scrolled the internet to know what people think about Tori Belle MLM. Below are some people’s comments about the company and its products.

review: Tori Belle MLM Review
review: Tori Belle MLM Review
review: Tori Belle MLM Review
review: Tori Belle MLM Review

Tori Belle MLM Opportunity

opportunity: Tori Belle MLM Review

Tori Belle MLM provides earning opportunities to fashion lovers. Whatever their claim, being an MLM earning is not a piece of cake. You have to spend day and night to make ends meet. Considering this much difficulty, you should be careful when joining such opportunities. 

Further, it doesn’t matter how great the earning opportunity it offers. It’s still an MLM, and you should be very careful joining such schemes. You can earn money in two ways:

  1. Selling the company’s products and earning commissions
  2. Recruiting other people on your downline

How Much Does It Cost to Join Tori Belle MLM?

cost: Tori Belle MLM Review

The mechanism of joining Tori Belle MLM is simple. You have to pay a monthly $9 to start your journey as a Tori Belle affiliate. One good thing about Tori Belle is that you don’t need to buy any starter kit. 

Secondly, you can choose a first-year business starter kit for $99. All the affiliate fees for the first year are included in it. Also, you’ll get a $50 gift card every year.

Can You Make Money with Tori Belle MLM?

make money: Tori Belle MLM Review

Instead of giving discounts on products, Tori Belle MLM provides compensation based on 100% retail sales. This is one way Tori Belle differs from traditional direct-selling companies. Other ways in which Tori Belle MLM provides commission and bonuses are as follows:

  • Personnel Commissions

Tori Belle offers 25-40% commission on all personnel sales through online or offline media. 

  • Quick Start Bonuses

You’ll get 50 product credits if you sell 500 products in your first two months. Also, a $100 cash bonus if your sales reach $1000 during two months. Five hundred travel points and a $100 cash award will be awarded to those who sell $500 worth of products or their downline sales reach $1000.

  • Product credits and travel points
  • Advancement Bonuses
  • Generation Bonuses

Watch this review:

Commission Chart

Commissions, Bonuses, and Promotions

Tori Belle MLM Review


pros and cons: Tori Belle MLM Review
  • Affordable to join
  • Provides replica website to affiliates
  • Offers free shipping to all orders
  • The flagship product is unique and innovative


  • The company is new, so it’s risky to join Tori Belle MLM
  • Products are expensive compared to competitors
  • The compensation plan is a little tricky to understand
  • Has few complaints about customer service and side-effects of products

Is Tori Belle MLM a Scam?

scam: Tori Belle MLM Review

No! Tori Belle MLM is not a scam. However, make a critical analysis before rushing to sign up after receiving a spicy script from an IBA. Whether you can survive in an MLM-based opportunity? Are your skills and personality match the marketing needs? It is essential to make an informed decision after considering all the factors. 

Again, Tori Belle is new in the market. It is not easy for an MLM company to survive too long. Thus, it is challenging for Tori Belle MLM to stand out when already reputed joints exist. Therefore, there is little hope that you can earn money working with Tori Belle.

Final Thoughts: Tori Belle MLM Review

final thoughts: Tori Belle MLM Review

We’ll not recommend you to join Tori Belle MLM due to their controversial business model.  Tori Belle MLM is new in the market, and it is challenging even for bigger joints to survive due to innovation and upgrades.  Moreover, you must pay a monthly fee irrespective of whether you are making sales.

Furthermore, the success rate could be higher. Joining Tori Belle MLM is not a quick-rich scheme. It takes hard work and perseverance to earn pennies working with MLMs. After reading the complete details, let us know what you think about this opportunity in the comment section.

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