Mary Kay MLM Review - the logo money maker or money pit

Mary Kay MLM Review: Money Maker or Money Pit?

In the beginning, selling Mary Kay items may appear to be a cinch to do. It’s a well-known brand, after all. Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably been contacted to buy or sell their items in the past. With any MLM company, the devil is in the details. If you’re interested in learning more about Mary Kay Ash and her multi-level marketing business, keep reading this Mary Kay MLM review.

Mary Kay MLM Review - the logo money maker or money pit

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My relationship with multi-level marketing or network marketing started in the late 80s. I have had involvement with Shaklee, Primerica, Amway, and, yes, the infamous Consumer Buyline. I enjoyed various levels of success. Back then, I aspired to become an MLM or Network Marketing Pro. Savvy top MLM earners would build massive downlines, breakaway, and move to programs with the most lucrative opportunities during that era. This was a common practice before many States barred those multi-level marketing schemes.

Our goal at Eve Pacific Media is to use my vast experience to benefit others with a series of reviews of multi-level marketing companies.

What is Mary Kay MLM?

Founded in Texas in 1958, Mary Kay is a privately held multi-level marketing (MLM) firm. Mary Kay Ash launched the company in 1963, and David Holl serves as the company’s president and CEO. Direct sales are used by the corporation to market men’s cosmetics, jewelry, and skincare items. Revenues of $3.25 billion made it the sixth-largest direct-selling company in the world in 2018.

In nations around the world, including Russia, there are more than 3.5 million Mary Kay Beauty Consultants working. As a Mary Kay consultant, you can get a pink Cadillac when you reach a particular level of success. That’s something we’ll get to in a second. To begin, let’s have a look at what’s on offer.

How Does Mary Kay, Work?

Trunk Keepers are basically distributors for the clothing. You’d make sales by getting someone to throw a party, which is how most MLMs work. The host would be eligible for a gift in exchange for hosting the party. The company will complete any orders from the party and ship them directly to the buyer.

Can You Make Money with Mary Kay?

All full-priced goods sold by Beauty Consultants are eligible for a 50% gross profit margin. Recruitment is a second option to earn money online. You are entitled to a share of any sales earned in your downline when you refer someone.

But there’s a snag. You must order at least $225 worth of wholesale merchandise every three months in order to be active. Product formulae at Mary Kay have a reputation for being constantly tweaked. As a result, the consultants end up with old, obsolete products that are difficult to sell because consumers choose the latest and greatest. The consultants are under a lot of strain as a result of this.

A 50 percent commission on every product order is a losing bet. A $225 order nets you an affiliate fee of $112.50; however, if your inventory is out of date, you may be stuck with it and thus lose money. As a result, there’s a lot of incentive to move these items.

What do you do with things that are no longer in use? Some consultants have tried to recoup their losses by selling their old products on Ebay or Amazon. By the way, that’s against the law.

The Mary Kay Company does not keep track of things sold to customers. Products sold to consultants aren’t included in this analysis. As a result, the top management places a great deal of emphasis on product purchases.

Mary Kay MLM Review – Program Specifics

Mary Kay MLM may be familiar to you if you’re interested in making money online. Mary Kay MLM is likely to have been introduced to you by a friend or family member. You may wonder if you can trust it because there are so many online scams.

Because I am passionate about assisting others in their search for the greatest online money-making opportunities, I have examined hundreds of programs comparable to Mary Kay MLM over the years.

I’ve done extensive research on the Mary Kay MLM in the last week, so I can tell you all you need to know. Because I’m not associated with Mary Kay MLM, I can’t say that writing this review on behalf of Mary Kay MLM has compensated me. As a result, you can trust the objectivity of what I have to say.

Mary Kay MLM Review – Program Specifics

When it comes to making money online and raking in big commission checks, Mary Kay has a lot of great advice to share with you. Because of this, network marketing is becoming a little overcrowded for the normal person. With that, we’ve included answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Mary Kay products and multi-level marketing.

Finally, I’ll show you how I built my own internet marketing firm to over $40,000 a month in largely passive income.

Pros of Mary Kay MLM Review:

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Even if the consultant is no longer active, all products are guaranteed and money can be replaced, swapped, or reimbursed free of charge.

Lots of Incentives:

The Mary Kay Cadillac is one of the largest incentives. A Mini Cooper, a Ford Mustang, and a Chevrolet Malibu are among the other options. Product sales leaders will receive these rewards.

Cash Incentives:

That who are eligible for a car but prefer to have cash can choose from monthly payments ranging from $425 to $900.

Cons of Mary Kay MLM Review:

Must Buy a Starter Kit:

To begin selling things, you’ll need to purchase the Starter Kit, which costs $130. Sadly, this can be a problem for some people.

Misleading Product Information:

 There are times when product information is incorrect. For instance, the Mary Kay Time-wise Repair Lifting Serum claims to tighten sagging skin, as the name implies. According to the tiny print, it appears to be a tightening of the skin. Sagging skin is not actually lifted by this method.

Rewards Come At A Price:

In order to get an automobile, you’ll have to pay 85% of the insurance and other expenditures yourself. If you don’t keep up your sales, Mary Kay won’t pay for the car payments.

Commission Requirements:

It’s necessary to make $450 in retail sales in three months to be eligible for the 50% commission.

Mary Kay MLM Review – Program Titles

Makeup, skincare, body creams and sunscreens, scents, and even “men’s grooming” are all available from Mary Kay. The Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover and the TimeWise® Miracle Set® are their most popular items. For example, it includes a nighttime solution and a daytime moisturizer.

Regardless of the MLM, I want to make sure the products are worth the money. When it comes to skincare MLMs, they say they are the best in the world. There is nothing new about the claims made by MLMs.

Beware of Lawsuits

This information belongs in the “Cons” section, but I felt it needed to be brought to your attention. A lady in West Virginia is suing Matilda Jane over alleged unfair labor practices at the company. She thought she was entitled to at least the minimum wage, which is clearly not the case at all.

My best guess is that the woman signed up for Matilda Jane MLM without fully understanding what she was putting herself into. The chances are she didn’t grasp the concept of earning a living only through referrals. A commission is only paid if you meet your sales targets. However, I felt it was important enough to bring up in this post.

Is Mary Kay Legitimate?

As an affiliate or distributor, you’re working for someone else in exchange for commissions, which make MLMs appear genuine. But pause and consider that. Sales are the only source of income. We don’t charge an hourly fee here.

In other words, you might spend all your time and money chasing customers to buy your product, knowing that the end result could be a big fat 0. There were no sales.

Another problem with MLMs is that you have to pay a lot of money upfront to get into the system. Before you can even think about asking someone to host a party, you need to buy your starter kit and all of your startup materials in advance.

Lastly, there’s the matter of attracting new members. Adding a downline of people who work under your sponsorship is the only way to increase your income. When they make a sale, you’ll get a cut of the profit.

Final Thoughts

Catchphrases like “these things are so amazing, they sell themselves” are common in multi-level marketing pitches. That’s probably something you’ve heard before. In order to make even little commissions, they don’t inform you how much labor you will have to put in. This is a long-term investment that most people can’t wait to see the payoff on. In addition, the initial fees are astronomical.

In the case of Matilda Jane products, you aren’t giving your customers anything unique because they can buy directly from the Matilda Jane site or even other sites like Zulily and Amazon, or eBay.

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